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Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in kyoto Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Onsen Inn With Taisho Period Mood & Fragrance Of Literature

This inn leaves a room where a writer Seicho Matsumoto stayed and a study with characteristic semicircular window. A lobby with art nouveau makes us feel like to be a great writer.

Ryokan Mugen

Rice Boiled In Kamado & A Warehouse Bar At Ryokan Of An Old House Standing In Nishijin, Kyoto

A small hotel making the best use of the old house in Nishijin residential street. For the start of your journey, breakfast with rice boiled in kamado, a traditional cooking stove. On the night you want to feel relaxed, enjoy the drinks like whisky matured more than 16 years at 'Kura Bar' renovated from an old warehouse.

hotel kanra kyoto

See Artisan's Skill Very Close! Kyoto's Latest Hotel Of Merchant House Style

hotel kanra kyoto' is a hotel with full of Kyoto's spirits. There's a glassed studio of Kintsugi (traditional way of repairing chipped pottery by lacquer or gold) artisan at the lounge, so you can see the traditional skills very close. It's a recommendable hotel for people want to have a little different stay in Kyoto.