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Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in kyoto Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Onsen Inn With Taisho Period Mood & Fragrance Of Literature

This inn leaves a room where a writer Seicho Matsumoto stayed and a study with characteristic semicircular window. A lobby with art nouveau makes us feel like to be a great writer.

hotel kanra kyoto

See Artisan's Skill Very Close! Kyoto's Latest Hotel Of Merchant House Style

hotel kanra kyoto' is a hotel with full of Kyoto's spirits. There's a glassed studio of Kintsugi (traditional way of repairing chipped pottery by lacquer or gold) artisan at the lounge, so you can see the traditional skills very close. It's a recommendable hotel for people want to have a little different stay in Kyoto.

Ryokan Mugen

Rice Boiled In Kamado & A Warehouse Bar At Ryokan Of An Old House Standing In Nishijin, Kyoto

A small hotel making the best use of the old house in Nishijin residential street. For the start of your journey, breakfast with rice boiled in kamado, a traditional cooking stove. On the night you want to feel relaxed, enjoy the drinks like whisky matured more than 16 years at 'Kura Bar' renovated from an old warehouse.