Top Things To Do In fukui-shi


Special Things To Do to travel in fukui-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Asuwa River

Japan's Largest Scale Of Lighted Cherry Blossoms

At the same time as Fukui Sakura Festival, the row of cherry blossom trees beside Asuwa River is very much talked about as the largest scale of cherry blossom tunnel, which is 2,2 km long and has 600 sakura trees. You can walk along the illuminated cherry blossoms and under the fantastic pink tunnel at night.

Ichijodani Asakura Site

Spring In A Castle Town Once Had Flourished For 103 Years

In Ichijodani surrounded with rich nature, Asakura Site is a castle town where five generations of Asakura Family had ruled the Echizen Region for 103 years during the age of wars. In the restored town, you can enjoy walking around and seeing the old-time architectures like samurai houses.

Atado-zaka Slope

Special Event In Spring, A Lighted Atado Slope

A spring event in Fukui Prefecture, there're 140 lumps of Japanese candle on Atado-zaka and slopes beside. The stone steps are lit up and become visionary. At Asuwa Shrine on the top of the steps, 370 years cherry blossom tree are beautifully lit up!