Best 'Sanuki Udon Noodle' In Kagawa Prefecture

Kagawa [香川] Prefecture's best food guide for its specialty, Sanuki Udon Noodle. Fascinated by its special feel in their mouth, people sometimes need to wait in a line for a few hours. Then, we selected top restaurants where you can have most popular ones, from among the City's Pride by people who actually have been there.

21 Best 'Sanuki Udon Noodle' In Kagawa Prefecture

1Teuchi Udon Bakaichidai

The Original Udon with Egg and Butter

Just boiled udon with butter matches the black pepper very much.


A Big Whole White Radish With the Original Say Sause Udon

This restaurant is famous for the whole white radish served with say sauce udon. Grating it by yourself is fun and you can recognize the fresh seasoning will match the udon very much.

3Gamo Udon

A Smooth Udon The Locals Admire

Gamou Udon is always appeared its name as a recommendable restaurant. Its 'nodo-goshi', an ease of swallowing is Bravo!! Please try to slurp udon without tempura.


A Spicy Curry And Udon Noodle

They start to boil the noodle after they take the order, so the noodle is firm and smooth. With fukujin-zuke (pickled vegetables for curry), the genuine curry udon is the most popular in Kagawa.


Sold Out Quickly! Very Crowded Sanuki Udon Noodle Shop Hariya's Specialty 'Fried Chicken With Cold Udon Noodle'

Nice firmness of noodle and tasty soup. Just only them are good enough, but big and juicy fried chicken come with them! It's a specialty 'Kashiwa-zaru Udon'. If you come late, the stock is probably sold out!

6Kawata Udon

Miracle Udon Of Sanuki Olive Beef Which is Nice Combination With Sudachi And Wasabi

Sanuki olive beef is the local grown beef of Kagawa. It's light flavor matches yam, sudachi and wasabi, Japanese seasonings. It's a kind of not ordinal but delicious dish!


Sanuki Style 'Horumon-no Tsuke Udon' With Delicious Soup

Tsuke-men here in Kagawa means Tsuke Udon! Delicious dipping sauce of innards is excellent with Sanuki Udon Noodle. Then, finally I dip rice into the soup. You can enjoy two different ways to eat this superb dish!

8Hinode Seimen Jo

Open Only One Hour A Day! Sanuki Udon Freshly Made By Skilled Noodle Craftsman

In Kagawa, a prefecture of 'udon' noodle, Hinode Seimen-jo was used to be specialized in just making noodle. At the request of the customers, it opens only one hour a day and offer its udon to eat here not only for sale. Freshly made and smooth noodle is so much worth eating.


Kama-age Udon Noodle In A Specially Big Tub For Share With Everybody

It's not only the appealing look, their proud udon noodle uses the highest ranked flour. It's a rare restaurant serving mainly Kama-age udon in Kagawa.


A Rich Udon Of Tosa Soy Sauce And Duck Meat Grilled With Salt!

The chef who had trained at Japanese restaurant in Paris cooks the unusual rich udon. Juicy grilled duck meat with soy sauce and wasabi create so delicious tastes of Japanese style. Like making the noodle longer, it becomes smooth and chewy.

11Ueharaya Main Store

Chewy Udon And Stock Soup Of Dried Sardines!! The Royal Road Of Kake-udon

When you haven't decide where you go to eat udon, you must come here. But, this restaurant is 'do it yourself' style.


A Registered Trademark 'Hiya Ten Oroshi', Sanuki Udon Noodle & Prawn Tempura Standing Up On The Noodle

This wonderful and beautiful Sanuki udon is the specialty 'Hiya Ten Oroshi' registered as a trademark. The cold noodle that you can enjoy the chewiness of Sanuki udon and crispy hot prawn tempura sticking out of the bowl. Their collaboration is the first-class!

13Nagata in Kanoka

Kama-age Udon Noodle, With Secret Dipping Sauce Of The Order Of A Cultural Asset

Kama-age udon's values are certainly its chewiness of noodle and dipping sauce. They are rumored to be the best of Kama-age restaurant. You can enjoy the very genuine udon noodle's texture because they always provide us with freshly boiled udon. In addition, their dipping sauce was instructed by Masaru Doi who was a leading figure on Japanese food and born in Kagawa. It's not too much to say that the dipping sauce is a kind of cultural asset!

14Sanuki Udon TAMARI

A Specialty TAMARI Udon Noodle As An Energy Source For The Locals

A popular udon noodle restaurant 'TAMARI'. Its al dente noodle is a true thing of Sanuki Udon. Their 'TAMARI Udon' with grated yam, picked plum and dry bonito, is a tasty specialty that can become an energy source for the local people.


Sticking Out From The Bowl! 'Prime Seto Kakiage Oroshi Udon Noodle'

This udon shop is the most famous for its 'Kakiage Udon'. Kakiage of the local grown shrimp and octopus nearly covers the whole of noodles, and is always fried freshly. The chewy handmade Sanuki Udon noodles are excellent with crisp Kakiage!


Uchikomi Udon With Many Kinds Of Stuffs Seasoned To Miso

In front of Okubo Temple, the last one of the 88 temples in Shikoku and called Kechigan (expiration of a vow) temple. Homemade miso makes it mild and, in cold season, you would feel it more delicious.

17Udon Honjin Yamada-ya Main-Store

A Traditional 'Kama Bukkake' Udon Noodle

Its seasonings, nice firmness, soup and everything are perfect and genuine Sanuki udon noodle.

18Chikusei Main-Store

Before Sold Out! Delicious Tempura Fried Just After The Order For Udon Noodle

Those who don't know how to order may be confused at first. It's completely do it your self style (but you can ask kind staffs). And since they have many holidays, you might want to confirm before visiting.

19Kompira Udon

Sanuki Udon Noodle You Must Eat When Visiting Kompira! Thick & Chewy 'Shoyu-ten'

Shoyu-ten means soy sauce and tempura. Kompira Udon is the building as a tangible cultural property standing out at the entrance path. The distinctive features of Sanuki Udon, chewy thick noodle and the texture like clinging my teeth can be made by only the skills of a craftsman. Just fried prawn tempura, dried bonito 'katsuobushi', and soy sauce make the best combination.

20Yamagoe Udon

Kama-age Udon With An Egg And Ground Yam

Very popular restaurant's popular menu, its by-name is Kamatamayama! Egg and yam with original sauce and chewy udon noodles that are made by the traditional way.


Genuine Sanuki Udon Noodle Becoming The Neo-Udon

With soft-boiled egg and sesame spicy sauce. Ryuun Udon restaurant's orthodox udon is good, but some kinds of new style are tasty, too.


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