Best Resort Hotels In Kochi Prefecture

Guide for best resort hotels in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. It belongs to Shikoku Region and has great nature such as Shimanto River, the Pacific Ocean and beautiful mountains. Then, we selected best resort hotels from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who actually have been there.

7 Best Resort Hotels In Kochi Prefecture

1Villa Santorini

The Ocean View of Japanese Aegean Sea

This superb ocean view spreading in front of my eyes is like the Aegean Sea. I could enjoy a luxury time to my heart's content.

2Villa Santorini

The Perfect Santorini In Japan

The Resort hotel is perfect Santorini in Japan. And the ocean view is as beautiful as Aegean Sea.

3Hoshino Resorts Utoco

A Luxury Ocean View Room Getting Well with The Great Nature

They put 'living in the sea' as a concept, and a design such as marine pattern interiors is nice.

4Hoshino Resorts Utoco

A "Typhoon Terrace" in the Early-Morning

I was impressed by the energetic landscape of the Pacific and will never forget it.

5Tosa Royal Hotel

The Ocean View From a Silent Room

You can see the large panorama of the Pacific Ocean from the silent room only hearing a chirping of insects comfortably. So, You can have comfortable and calm time in the resort hotel.

6Auberge Tosayama

Aesthetic Of Doing Nothing. An Auberge Hiding Into An Unexplored Region, Tosayama In Kochi

About 30 minutes by car from Kochi city, there's an auberge at an unknown place, Tosayama. Over a suspension bridge from the main building, there's a villa as a suite room you can feel the warmth of wood and the nature. Without TV nor anything, you can experience the aesthetic of doing nothing and stay away from the bustle.

7Auberge Tosayama

A Heart-healing Open Air Bath Surrounded With The Nature Of Tosayama In Kochi

An open-air bath of a natural hot spring surrounded with the great nature of an unexplored region 'Ttosayama' in Kochi. Not only the effect for beautiful skin, it heals your mind and body in this nature energy. I want to take the bath many times while I stay here.

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