Best Fall Color Places in Okayama Prefecture

Best places to see fall colors in Okayama, such as Korakuen Garden, Okutsukei Valley and so on. We selected best fall colors from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Okayama in autumn.

5 Best Fall Color Places in Okayama Prefecture

1Korakuen Garden

The Event 'Fantasy Garden in Autumn' Held in Koraku-en Garden that is One of 3 Famous Gardens in Japan.

The event 'Fantasy Garden in Autumn' is held more scale-up than the previous in Koraku-en garden that is one of 3 famous gardens in Japan. Okayama castle and Japanese umbrellas are illuminated and the famous garden is enveloped in fantasy world.

2Yubaraokutsu Prefectural Natural Park

Fall Foliage Scenery Of Kamba Waterfall, A Greatest Fall In Western Japan

Kamba Waterfall is as high as 110 meters and the biggest one in western Japan. What's more, you can see the beautiful fall foliage with the great waterfall in autumn. The path takes you very near Kamba Waterfall and you can feel it impressive!

3Okutsukei Valley

Most Beautiful Fall Foliage Scenery In Okayama

Okutsukei Valley is famous for its beautiful rivers, rocks and waterfalls, and what's more, a most beautiful fall foliage spot in Okayama. The maple trees turn into vivid colors, so you can see the beautiful autumn scenery.

4A Huge Ginko Tree At Bodai-ji

Over 900 Years Old, So Huge Ginko Tree

A huge ginko tree at Bodai-ji Temple in Nagi-cho, a north part of Okayama pref. You would be overwhelmed with the powerful energy for life of the tree estimated to be over 900 years old.

5Shizutani School

Autumn Colored Chinese Pistache Trees Standing By A School As A Special Historic Site

Opened in the early Edo era, the old Shizutani School is designated as a special historic site. In autumn, two huge trees show the beautiful colors of red and yellow.

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