Best Fall Color Places in Nagano Prefecture

Best places to enjoy fall colors in Nagano. Such as a well known Kamikochi Japan Alps, and a lesser known but great place which you can see only for a few days during autumn. Then, we selected best fall colors from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Nagano.

Best Fall Color Places in Nagano Prefecture [1-5]

1Shibu Touge Pass

Like A Diorama! The View Of Autumn Mountain Surface Seen From A National Route Of Highest Location

Shiga-Kusatsu Kogen Route running along the Gumma-Nagano border is located at the highest position of Japan's national routes. From here, green carpets of gregarious bamboo, red and yellow dots of shrubs are seen like a autumn colored diorama.

2Chouen-ji Temple

Vivid Red World! Chouen-ji Temple's Approach Of Japanese Maple Trees

A small temple in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Chouen-ji is a very scenic but not well-known place. Once you see the approach of the lively red maple leaves, you never forget it! It's a really nice place.


Like a Piece of Painting! The World of Blue and Yellow Covering Everything.

It's the wonderful scenery created by the nature. Colored leaves are like painting and a pond of clear water reflects the sky to be beautiful cobalt blue.

4Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest

A Train Runs In Great Nature

In the season of autumn colors, a train runs in the burning-red autumn colored nature. Have you ever seen such a beautiful and dyed-red place? I want you to visit once in your life.

5Karasawa Kar

Autumn Foliage Of Karasawa Kar You Can See For Only A Few Days In A Year

Karasawa Kar located on 2300m spot of Japan Northern Alps. The best season for the autumn foliage would be only a few days, and considering the mountain weather, it's very rare period! The beautiful scenery of colored magnificent rock surfaces is the real pleasure for autumn climbing, isn't it?