Best Fall Color Places In Aomori Prefecture

Best places to enjoy seeing fall colors in Aomori. You can find the moving autumn scenery like another world, such as Tsutanuma Lake and Jogakura Ohashi Bridge. Then, we selected best fall colors from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Aomori.

Best Fall Color Places In Aomori Prefecture [1-5]

1Hirosaki Castle

Snow & Fall Foliage We Can See Only Between Autumn And Winter

In November, the temperature drops in this season, the snow sheets the fall foliage and make them more beautiful, special scenery. You can see the collaboration of autumn leaves and snow only in the area which has an early snow!

2Tsutanuma Lake

Tsutanuma Lake In Autumn Colors That Changes Into Scarlet By The Sun Light

At Tsutanuma Lake in autumn, the mountain changes its color in a flash when the light of the morning sun comes, and it reflects on the quiet water surface. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery! And it's Aomori's proud water mirror. I really want you to see this gorgeous scenery in a cool air of autumn...

3Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

Autumn Leaves In All Directions From Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

Its arch is 255 meters long, which is the longest in Japan. Jogakura Mountain River flows under the bridge. And you can overlook the colored mountains in the season of fall foliage. On sunny days, you can even see Mt.Iwaki known as a name 'Tsugaru Fuji'.

4Oirase Stream

Fall Foliage That Makes Waking Around Oirase Stream More Attractive

The lush Oirase Mountain Stream changes totally into autumn colors. Many waterfalls and golden forest you can see on the walking path along the stream. There're many things to see that are different from the season of fresh green.


Beautiful Lake Surrounded With Various Warm Colored Trees Not Only Red

The color of autumn leaves we can see in Tohoku Region, is a mixture of various warm colors such as red, orange and yellow. Around the blue of Lake Towada, the red shines in the morning glow as a beginning, then, various lively autumn colors like Japanese traditional colorful textile, appear in the daytime!