Most Beautiful Autumn Colors In Nara Prefecture

Here're most beautiful spots to see autumn colored leaves in Fukushima. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there, and released the ranking of fall foliage to see when you travel in Fukushima.

Most Beautiful Autumn Colors In Nara Prefecture [1-4]

1Goshikinuma Lakes, Bishamon Lake

Only One Japanese Maple Tree Stands by the Goshikinuma Lake Turning Red in Late Autumn

There is only one maple tree by Bisyamon Lake. In fact, this maple turns its color later than the other! It annually turns red in the end of October. The north part of Fukushima's colored leaves have reached a peak just now. Why don't you visit Fukushima to watch the beautiful trees?

2Shiramizu Amidado Temple

Autumn Color Light-Up Of Shiramizu Amida-do Temple

A beautiful temple shining in the gentle lights, and a Jodo-style Japanese Garden wrapped in the silence. The night Shiramizu Amida-do Temple is differ from that in daytime. We can experience the atmosphere of Heian Period of Japan.

3Kowataki Falls

Waterfalls And Autumn Colored Nature Along The Well-Kept Walking Pass

There's a rapid river along 2 kilometers of National Road 349. At the east side of the river, a walking pass is kept in good condition, and it's nice for ramble. In autumn, the leaves change their colors lively, and many photographers visit here.

4Ise Jingu Shrine [Kotai Jingu]

Uji-bashi Bridge With Two Spiritual Spots

On your way home (must walk right side), a charm prayed for the safe of the bridge is in a Giboshi standing second from the end. If you touch it, thousands of costomers will come! And if you tread the board under it, you will be lucky with money!