Most Beautiful Places To Travel In Ibaraki Prefecture

Top beautiful places in Ibaraki Prefecture. There're many places that capture tourists and photographers such as Hitachi Seaside Park. We selected the best ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers who actually have been to Ibaraki and people living there. You can access in 1.5 hour from Tokyo by special express train. Enjoy these beautiful places that is worth seeing once in a life.

Most Beautiful Places To Travel In Ibaraki Prefecture [1-8]

1Oarai Isosaki Shrine

What a Nice Collaboration of the Two! The Sunrise over the Shrine Gate 'Kamiiso Shrine Gate'

The Kamiiso Shrine is famous as a spiritual place. Because it is on seashore and face to due east, the sunrise view looks mystic and attracts visitors. But it is dependent upon the weather.


Nemophila Harmony like Blue Carpet

It is the Nemophila Harmony in Hitachi-kaihin park. The scenery looks like a blue carpet and goes well with the blue sky.

3Koga Fireworks Festival

This Summer's Most Moving Fireworks In Koga! And Most Beautiful 'Saishoku Senrin' In Japan

I introduce this summer's most moving fireworks display in Koga! It's finale was emblazoned by 'Saishoku Senrin' a kind of Japanese skyrocket. It was shot off in the sky far above the Koga town, and the thousands of small flowers blooming in the night sky are awesome! Please come to see them on this spot next year!

4Kokaigawa Fureai Park

Wonderful Place! Two Million Poppies And Mt.Tsukuba

News from Kokaigawa Fureai Park representing Ibaraki's spring! Two million poppies are going to be full bloom next week, and around 5/24, diamond Mt.Tsukuba can be seen! Why don't you visit for your going out or a date in weekend?

5Ryujin Suspension Bridge

Sea Of Clouds Will Appear In Summer & Autumn! Ryujin Suspension Bridge In The Sky

I've found a beautiful sky scenery also in Ibaraki! Ryujin Suspension Bridge floating on the sea of clouds. Early morning after humid and very cold night will be a good chance to see them. It's like a dragon, Ryujin, gong to come out!

6Hananuki Valley

Fresh Green Leaves As Wonderful As Autumn Colored Leaves

Shiomidaki Bridge at Hananuki Valley. It's well known for the fresh greens from spring to summer, and autumn colored leaves. You can enjoy beautiful nature changing with seasons around here. Now, in early summer, the fresh leaves smell sweet, and the refreshing air fills up the valley.

7Mt.Tsukuba Plum Garden

Let's Feel The Coming Of Spring! Somehow, The Familiar Mountains And A Gallery Of Plums In Full Bloom

I introduce the plum blossoms festival of Mt.Tsukuba that makes us feel 'somehow the familiar the scenery of mountains in Japan'. The best season to see the blossoms has come, and you can command a view of Kanto Plains from Azuma hut! Spring coming soon! Let's feel the coming of spring!

8Hirasawa Kanga Ruins

Feel The Wind Of Old Times! The Site Of Hirasawa Kangai

The site of the old region country, Hitachi no kuni Tukuba gun in Nara and Heian era. They restored the high-floor warehouse as the same size in the ancient time. A rural scene spreading around it, you can feel like slipping back in the old time.