Three Best Churches Designed By An Architect Tadao Ando

Here're famous trilogy of church designed by a Japanese architect Tadao Ando, Church Of The Light in Osaka, Chapel Of The Water in Hokkaido, and Chapel Of The Wind in Hyogo. We released the ranking based on 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there.

Three Best Churches Designed By An Architect Tadao Ando [1-3]

1Chapel of the Wind

Chapel of the Wind Designed By Tadao Ando

Chapel of the Wind is specially opened during Rokko Meet Art 2018. Inside the chapel, the art works designed by a video artist Sawa Hiraki, who is active in and outside Japan, are exhibited, and together with the sounds of organ, create a fantastic room.

2Ibaraki Kasugaoka Church

A Charch Of The Light Standing Still At A Quiet Residential Area

Ibaraki-kasugaoka charch is a Japanese famous architect Tadao Ando's representative building called 'a charch of the light'. Reservaton is needed when you see the inside.


'Chapel On The Water' Designed By Tadao Ando, Against The Background Of White Birch

The change of sun light, the scent of wind, the sound of water without end, and the seasonal nature scenery can be appreciated here. I could be quiet and gentle-minded at Chapel On The Water.