Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Ehime Prefecture

We have a ranking for most beautiful flower fields in Ehime Prefecture. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there.

Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Ehime Prefecture [1-2]

1Hydrangea Village (Ajisai-no Sato)

20 Thousand Hydrangeas Wreathing Misty Mountains

Located at Shingu-cho, Ehime Prefecture, Hydrangea Village (Ajisai-no Sato) is the most famous hydrangea spot among those in Shikoku region. You can see the great view of as many as 20 thousand trees of hydrangea on the mountain slope. What's more, Shingu is known as a misty town, you may be able to see a fantastic scenery of hydrangeas and mist.

2Minara Flower Fields

Cosmos Site As Far As The Eye Can See In Autumn

When I visit Toon City, I always stop by my favorite cafe and Minara Flower Field together. In spring, you can see canola flower here.