Most Beautiful Autumn Colors In Nagasaki Prefecture

Here're most beautiful spots to see autumn colored leaves in Nagasaki. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there, and released the ranking of fall foliage to see.

Most Beautiful Autumn Colors In Nagasaki Prefecture [1-5]

1Misoji-en Garden

Upside-Down Autumn Colored Maple Tree On A Small Pond

Misoji-en Garden is as large as 26400 square meters, and its light-up at night is very beautiful. The whole site dye in red, and a fantastic garden appears in the woods. What's more, the reflected upside-down autumn colored tree is worth seeing.

2Jufuku-ji Temple

Upside-Down Maple Tree in Autumn Colors At A Quiet Japanese Room

Located at Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Jufuku-ji Temple opens for limited term in late autumn. They remove tatami mats partly, and put the acrylic boards there. Then, we can see such a beautiful upside-down maple trees reflected on the boards.

3Unzen Nitani Touge Pass

Walking In The Air Above The Red Autumn Colored Forest

Nitani Touge Pass is famous for its red autumn colors spreading to the whole mountain. What's more, the autumn leaves are reflected by the evening sun and they are as beautiful as the red flames.


Beautiful Japanese Garden Reflected On A Table

Shinden-an House built in Edo Period is located in Katafuchi, Nagasaki. Its historical Japanese garden and a room with a reflective table make us feel the traditions and elegance of Japan. It opens only in spring and autumn, so why don't you visit this autumn?

5Unzen Jigoku

Steam Spouting From The Ground Of Autumn Colored Mountain

At Unzen Jigoku, a place wrapped in the smell of sulfur as soon as we arrive, we can see the scenery of steam and autumn colored leaves at the same tine. What's more, in the atmosphere like hell (Jigoku means 'hell' in Japanese), we can eat specialty foods such as Onsen Tamago (egg steamed by hot spring). Of course, don't miss to soak in a hot spring at Unzen Onsen Town.