Best Cafes In Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture

Here're best cafes in Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there, and released the ranking.

Best Cafes In Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture [1-6]

1Taji Maji

A Shop Of Crepe & Flower With Full Of 'Lovely'

Taji Maji's popular crepe like a bouquet. I like the thick dough and adult flavor such as pistachio cream. They sell flowers and dried flowers, I really like this taste and room!


A Place You Can Drop By And Feel Relief

People get together here are all friendly and nice. I could have relations with many people here, They have periodic exhibition of illustrations, you can meet some lovely ones.


Milk Tea Of Japanese Domestic Tea Leaves

FAR EAST TEA COMPANY is a milk tea specialty stand opened at 'Nombei Yokocho (Drinkers Alley)' in Shibuya. They offer only milk tea made of Japanese domestic tea leaves. You can enjoy fragrance of tea leaves and take a deep breath at this nice tea stand.

4Katane Cafe

An Elegant Morning ' A Breakfast Of Paris' In The Crowded Bakery

This café is between Yoyogi-uehara and Hatagaya. Underground floor is a café and the first a bakery. You can eat delicious breads in the café.


A Cafe Where I Forget Being In A Metropolis

A room where time goes slowly and I forget being in Shibuya. They offer sweets as regular menu and monthly ones. You can enjoy coffee without thinking about time.


Delicious Sandwich

Ampere is a cafe offering big and delicious sandwich. I specially like their fruit sandwich with seasonal fruit, and I ate chestnut sandwich this time. It's not so sweet that you never get tired of it, though with the much cream!