Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Gifu Prefecture

We have the ranking for most beautiful flower fields in Gifu Prefecture. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there.

Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Gifu Prefecture [1-4]

1Hirugano Kogen Kochia Park

30 Thousand Trees Of Autumn Colored Kochia

Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort's run has as many as 30 thousand Kochia and seasonal flowers. In this spacious flower fields, I could feel refreshed so much.

2Flower Festival Commemorative Park

Bliss In Only Spring! Many Roses Dressed In Various Colors

Flower Festival Commemorative Park has beautiful flowers all around the year, but I think the rose festival in spring is the most amazing. For it's the biggest scale in Tokai Region, please visit here!

3Tsuya-gawa River Bank

Red Carpet Reflected On The River

A red bank of cluster amaryllis. On windless days, the river reflects the red flowers and the sky beautifully on the surface.

4Ōgaki Sunflower Field

You Can Take Various Pictures! A Photogenic Sunflower Field

The sunflower field itself is of course attractive, but in addition, you can enjoy Sunflower Tunnel people can walk through, and the collaboration with Shinkansen Super Express. They're worth taking pictures. It's possible to take Doctor Yellow (a rare train running to check the Shinkansen tracks) in your pictures!