Most Beautiful Autumn Colors In Hokkaido Prefecture

Here're most beautiful spots to see autumn colored leaves in Hokkaido. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there, and released the ranking of fall foliage.

Most Beautiful Autumn Colors In Hokkaido Prefecture [1-7]

1Blue Pond

Beautiful Blue Pond In Autumn Colors

In autumn, the broadleaf trees around Blue Pond change the colors in red and yellow, and you can meet different scenery from spring and summer.

2Hiraoka Jugei Center

A Street Lined With Red Autumn Leaves

I visited Hiraoka Jugei Center to see its garden, but I was moved with this wonderful scenery of a street lined with red leaves. It was raining on that day, I want to come again on sunny day.

3Mt. Asahidake

The Earliest Fall Foliage In Japan! Dynamic Mt. Asahidake Dyed In Autumn Color

Taisetsuzan Mountain Range is famous for the earliest fall foliage in Japan. You can see that autumn mountain scenery easily by rope way. Around Sugatami-no Ike Pond many tourists visit is beautiful, and I found the wonderful fall foliage stretch below when I went a little way further to Susoai-daira Plateau!

4Mikuni Touge Pass

Yellow Leaves In The Livery Of Autumn Seen From The High Mountain Pass

Mikuni Touge Pass is the highest national road in Hokkaido. There's a great view of Matsumi Bridge and nature. We can meet the yellow leaves in autumn and lively green in summer. Beside the observatory, Mikuni Touge cafe's sausage curry is also delicious.

5Sapporo Factory

Red Bricks & Autumn Colored Ivy

Sapporo Factory is covered with green ivy in summer, and white snow in winter. And in autumn, it's covered with red ivy, and we stop walking at its beautiful scene.

6Fukuhara Sanso Lodge

Ruby Red Momiji Leaves Spreading To The Garden

Fukuhara Sanso Lodge's garden is opened to public only during autumn. There're as many as 1000 trees of ruby-red momiji (Japanese maple tree) that are rarely seen in Hokkaido. After the leaves fall, the whole ground becomes like a red carpet. What's more, there're waterfalls and pond in the garden, you can enjoy walking around.

7Futami Tsuribashi Bridge

Futami Bridge, A Popular Spot Of Autumn Colors In Hokkaido

Walking along the path from Jozankei Onsen town to Futami Tsuribashi, you can see this autumn colored leaves shinning gold here. It's a popular places to appreciate the fall foliage in Hokkaido.