Best Chinese Restaurants In Kagawa Prefecture

Here're best Chinese restaurants in Kagawa Prefecture. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there.

Best Chinese Restaurants In Kagawa Prefecture [1-4]

1Choko Sorae

A Supreme Sanuki Chinese Restaurant With All Of Taste, Service & View

A famous Chinese restaurant standing at Yashima where was the stage of the Genji-Heike War. A restaurant couldn't stand such a place, I thought, but a beautiful Setouch scenery spreads from here. Enjoy a little spicy original Chinese dishes that we seem to meet for the first time and made from mainly Sanuki's foodstuffs.

2Beijing Main Store

A Specialty Sanuki Style Reimen, A Popular Course Since The Restaurant Opened

A popular dish limited in summer. Almost all of the people order this Reimen ( a cold noodle).


Superb Olive Beef Of A Sanuki Style Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is acknowledged as a Sanuki Dinning that use excellent foodstuffs grown in Saniki and offer attractive dishes. It's in a hotel.

4Beijing New Building

Beijing Duck, a Masterpiece of a Contemporary Master-Hand

A representative dish of Chinese food, this Beijing duck is a superb one made by a famous chef. Roll the ingredients in a dough wrapper with sweet miso sauce, this is the best Beijing duck, isn't it?