Most Delicious Shaved Ice In Kagawa Prefecture

We selected the most delicious shaved ice in Kagawa Prefecture, from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there. And released the ranking for places to go.

Most Delicious Shaved Ice In Kagawa Prefecture [1-2]

1Bussyozan Onsen Tenpyouyu (Hot Spring)

Delicious Shaved Ice After Taking Onsen

Busshozan Onsen is chic and modern hot spring. Its onsen is good of course, and I like its restaurant's shaved ice very much. Even the last spoon makes me happy for its deliciousness.


Delicious Strawberry Sweets Made From Homemade Strawberries

Teshima Island is known for arts and museum, not only those, you can eat delicious strawberry sweets like crepe and parfait at 'Ichigoya' directly managed by Tada Farm. I like its shaved ice specially, and they sell some strawberry foods such as jam, so anyone who like strawberry must be satisfied with them.