Best Awajishima Island Travel Guide In Hyogo Prefecture

Best Travel Guide for Awajishima Island, Hyogo Prefecture. It's called 'flower island' and has many photogenic places. Then, we selected top attractions and things to do from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers who have actually been to Awajishima.

Best Awajishima Island Travel Guide In Hyogo Prefecture [1-9]

1Awaji Hana Sajiki

Stunning View For Every Direction! A Sky Flower Garden Overlooking The Sea

A flower island, Awaji's famous place 'Hana Sajiki' has 15ha area and 300m high above sea level. The beautiful location with the sea spleding below is truly 'sky flower garden'. In summer, you can enjoy sunflower and salvia.

2Awaji Yumebutai

Unusual Scene Of A Botanical Garden Like A Paradise

Together with foliage plants and orchids, the water's edge and other displays are totally produced. Every corner of the large glasshouse surrounded by vivid color flowers and greens is so photogenic! Let's wear a colorful dress and take beautiful pictures here!

3Awaji Yumebutai

Hyakudan'en, An Amazing Flower Beds Composed Of 100 Division

Designated by a worldwide architect, Tadao Ando, it's located at Awaji Yume Butai. The 100 flower beds, makes the most of the mountain slope, is like a beautiful maze. You can see them with the ocean view.

4Nadakuroiwa Suisen Kyo

Lovely Daffodils On A Steep Slope Facing The Sea

At Nagikuroiwa Suisen Kyo, located on south of Awaji Island, white daffodils bloom profusely on the steep slope. Enveloped in fragrance of daffodils and the cold air in January, please enjoy the calm scenery of Seto Inland Sea?

5Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park

With Sea, Flowers & Greens! A Park To Enjoy 'The Island Of Flower'

This park symbolizes the Awaji Island that is called 'Flower Island'. Located in front of the sea, you can see the gorgeous ocean view and seasonal plants. As you see in the pics, the site is so extensive that the huge scenery is very attractive.

6Uzushio Cruise

Uzushio Cruise' Making You Full Of Adventure

Uzushio, a swirling current is formed by the unique geographical features of Naruto Strait. Our boat goes closer to the center of this mysterious current. No one knows where the swirling current is formed, and what happens next, this cruise must call your adventure!

7Eshima Island

A Historical Stage That Appears In Kojiki And A Story Of Hei-ke Family

Surprisingly, Eshima is said to be the oldest place of Japan! And it appears in 'Moon Watching ' volume of Heike-monogatari, the beauty of Eshima has never changed. It's good to see the illuminated Eshima under the moonlight.

8PARCHEZ Fragrant House & Onsen

A Beautiful Garden Of Blooming Lavenders

You can feel healed just walk around in the garden with lavenders and sages

9Sumoto Castle

A Beautiful Donjon Of A Mountain Castle

Surprisingly it was built in 1928, although it's an imitation donjon. And the oldest one in Japan. On the way to there, you can see the historical stone wall and at the top, there is a nice scenery waiting you.

Awaji Shima Island

Awaji-shima Island of Hyogo Prefecture, is the biggest island in Seto Inland Sea. The population is 150 thousand, the area is 600k㎡ and the circumference is about 200㎞. It's connected by bridges with Shikoku and Kinki Region to access easily. Many people come to visit this island as a resort.

How To Get There

Use Naruto Ohashi Bridge from Tokushima, and Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi from Hyogo by car or bus.

Means To Explore

Car, bus and bicycle.

The Necessary Time To Explore

There're some IC inside the island. If you want to enjoy the whole area, you will need 3 or 4 days.


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