Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Fukuoka Prefecture

We have the ranking for most beautiful flower fields in Fukuoka Prefecture. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Fukuoka.

Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Fukuoka Prefecture [1-6]

1Kawachi Wisteria Garden

Shining Wisteria Tunnel Makes Anyone Fascinated

Kawachi Wisteria Garden is selected as one of 'Japan's Most Beautiful Places' By CNN in the United States, and many people from all over the world come to visit. The biggest highlight is a wisteria tunnel! You can walk under the colorful wisteria, and it will make you excited♡ The wisteria dome and rare kinds of flower are also worth seeing!

2Yanagawa Himawari Park

500 Thousand Sunflowers Spreading To The 5 Ha Reclaimed Land Of The Ariake Sea

I got excited before we arrive the field when the sunflower yellow could be seen from a distance. Yanagawa City has more tourist attractions, such as rafting for activity and steamed conger eel for the local specialty food.

3Road Station Ootou Sakura Kaido

500 Thousand Sunflowers At A Flower Park Adjoining Road Station Ootou

You can enjoy various flowers in every season. Now, the sunflowers are in 80 percent bloom, and going to be full soon. It, a road station, of course, sells locally grown fresh vegetables, and freshly baked bread, what's more, you can enjoy onsen here.

4Rokuri Terraced Rice Fields

Terraced Rice Fields At An Altitude Of 400 Meters

At the mountainside located at 400 meters above sea level, there's a wonderful contrast of red cluster amaryllis and shinning gold ears of rice. I was fascinated with the original scenery of Japan so much.

5Tsuzura Terraced Rice Fields

Beautiful Fringe Of Red Cluster Amaryllis In Nature

Tsuzura Tanada (terraced rice fields) located in Ukiha, Fukuoka Prefecture. You can see the cluster amaryllis bloom like a fringe around the rice fields! Also the white one can be found in places.

6Uminonakamichi Sea Side Park

A Seaside Park With Many Seasonal Flower Fields

During the flower festival at Uminonakamichi Sea Side Park has Japanese arts at cosmos fields, which may look excellent in your Instagram. What else, you can enjoy autumn colored red Kochia and cockscomb, and so on.