Best Cafes In Okinawa Prefecture

Here're best cafes in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. We selected top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Okinawa, and released the ranking for shops to go.

Best Cafes In Okinawa Prefecture [1-10]


Prime Smoothie Of Kurima Island Floating Gently In The Pacific Ocean

A specialty store of smoothie made from famous mongo grown in Miyako Island and other 15 or more kinds. On the middle of your journey, take a calm rest in a hammock on the grass. The interior like tropical countries is also attractive.


Pumpkin Sata Andagi With Over 40 Years History

KAME ANDAGI located at Umikaji Terrace on Senaga-jima Island, is a specialty shop of Sata andagi. The most popular topping, cream cheese & blueberry is very delicious.


Hawaiian Specialty Food Poke Restaurant In Okinawa

808 POKE Bowls OKINAWA is a Poke specialty restaurant! You can choose the seasonings and toppings as you like. I like the spicy tuna, salmon, cucumber and avocado!

4bon bon cafe

Okinawa's Specialty, Tacos Pizza Made Of Many Island's Foodstuffs

They adapt Okinawa tacos to pizza. With full of island's vegetables and taco sauce. It's excellent with the crisp dough♪ The restaurant has somehow familiar retro atmosphere. Enjoy, with gentle music.

5Hikari Rakuen

Fruit 100 % Rich Tropical Juice & Sweets

Hikari Rakuen is a cafe with lovely southern island's mood. Guava Juice made from 100% home-grown guava as a main menu, they sell some tropical juice, smoothie and shaved ice made from Ishigaki Island fruits.


A Cafe In The Air Of Hawaiian Morning

KAIHOLO means 'the morning sea' in Hawaiian language. KAIHOLO CAFE offers the breakfast menus of Hawaii. Please enjoy your time leisurely at KAIHOLO CAFE.

7tacos cafe TACO LOCO

Very Instagrammed Mexican Cafe

Located in American Village famous as a tourist spot, TACO LOCO is a Mexican cafe. You can eat the genuine and tasty tacos here. They offer a good-value lunch for 1080 yen for tacos, taco-rice, fried potato and drink!

8Ningin Shoten

Grilled Doughnuts With Full Of Miyako Island's Food & Kindness Of The Owner

This non-fried doughnut is made from Miyako Island's eggs and okara (made from soybean in the production of tofu). He spends time and effort to prepare with much of affection every morning. On the way of your journey, let's enjoy a healing time with health doughnuts and home-roasted coffee.

9Ryukyu Coffee Kan

Bubbling Foam! 'Bukubuku Coffee' With Savory Brown Sugar Aroma

At lively Kokusai-dori Street, Ryukyu Coffee Kan is located quietly. Its 'Bukubuku Coffee' is very tasty! Freshly brewed coffee, and bubbling foam with nice savory aroma put on it! Then, drop the syrup of brown sugar. I love its great balance of sweetness, bitterness and savoriness.


A Cafe In Resort Atmosphere

THE CALIF KITCHEN OKINAWA is a fashionable cafe with resort atmosphere. It has seats at terrace, sofa seats, table seats, and also room for kids. They prepare various kinds of menu, and lunch for low price. It's nice cafe for girl's meetings.