Best Irabujima Island Travel Guide In Okinawa Prefecture

Best travel guide for Irabujima Island connected with Miyakojima Island by Irabu Ohashi Bridge. The ocean with so clear water is dmired to be called 'Ira-blue'. And the great nature invites you to the fantastic world. Then, we selected top things to do in Irabujima, Okinawa Prefecture from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers who have actually been there.

Best Irabujima Island Travel Guide In Okinawa Prefecture [1-7]

1Toguchi-no Hama Beach

The White and Smooth Beach on which You can Walk Barefoot and the Clear Water, Like a Paradise

The beautiful beach makes me disbelieve my own eyes. 'Toguchi no Hama' is said to be the most beautiful beach in Irabu Island. So, it's like a paradise with white sand.

2Triangular Point Of Irabu Island

Irabu Island Has the Blue Superb View Called Ira-Blue

The view spot attracts many people the most in Irablu island. The ocean view called Ira Blue is amazing, and seen only in Irabu island.

3Irabu Bridge

The Longest Toll-Free Bridge in Japan on the Ira-Blue Sea

The longest toll-free bridge between Miyako island and Irabu island in Japan opened on January 31, 2015. You can enjoy driving while seeing the ocean called Ira-Blue.


Sanctuary Cave with Holy Energy, So You Should Worship before Entering

It is difficult to visit here without guide. Roots of Indian laurel dangle and sunbeams come through the leaves in the sanctuary cave. And you should worship before entering because it is a spiritual place and was also a air‐raid shelter.

5Blue Cave Irabu Island

A Blue Cave in Irabu Island that is Miraculous Transparency and Leads You to the Fantastic World

There are some blue caves in Japan but one of them in Irabu island is the most transparent. I felt like coming to the fantastic world.

6Sawada Coast

The Southernmost Spot Of Beautiful Shores And The Quiet Sunset

One of the 100 beautiful shores in Japan, and scenic spot spreading from Irabu Island to Shimoji Island. Big rocks lying on the sea sloped gently away and the shore change its expressions by the ebb and flow of the tide. I'd like you to visit there when the setting sun is reflected on the quiet water surface like a mirror.

7Shiratori Misaki Park

One Straight Road Like Leading To The Sea

Very scenic road in Irabu Island! We can't meet such a straight road leading to the sea in other places except for Irabu Island. And the deep blue color at the both sides of the road makes us feel mystery of the sea.

Irabu-jima Island

Irabu-jima, belongs to Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture, is one of Miyako Islands. The population is 6000, the area is 30k㎡ and the circumference is about 27㎞ and made up with raised corals. It's connected with Miyako-jima by Irabu Ohashi Bride and a popular place for diving and snorkel for very clear ocean admired to be 'Ira Blue'

How To Get There

By car, 10min from Miyako Airport and then, cross the Irabu Ohashi Bridge (3.5km). Or, 25min by Kyowa Bus from Miyakojima Hirara Port to Sarahama Port (380yen). Or, use bicycle.

Means To Explore

Car, public bus, bicycle and walk.

The Necessary Time To Explore

A few hours to see the tourist spots. And more if you play marine sports.


You can find accommodations in Irabu-jima, Shimoji-jima or Miyako-jima.

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