Most Delicious Sweets In Osaka Prefecture

Here're most delicious sweets to eat in Osaka Prefecture. Such as cake and parfait, we selected top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there, and released the ranking for shops to go.

Most Delicious Sweets In Osaka Prefecture [1-5]

1Mochi-sho SIZUKU

I've Never Seen Such A Beautiful Daihuku♡ Healthy, Beautiful & Delicious Japanese Sweets

Mochi-shoo SIZUKU make daikyu (Japanese traditional sweets) from chemical-free and additive-free rice cake that they pound every morning. A good-seller Framboise Daifuku with lovely look and a little sour juiciness is very delicious! If you use its cafe, you can also enjoy teathings and plates that they offer different ones for each customers.

2Grow Level

Rainbow Parfait, Only Available With A Reservation, For 15 Glasses A Day

It contains sponge cake, ice cream, and jelly. Contrary to its appearance, this parfait is so delicious and beyond my expectation! They prepare only 15 glasses a day, and require a reservation.

3Asian Rad Afters

Unknown Cafe's Instagram Worthy And Also Delicious Menu

Very fashionable cafe 'Asian Rad Afters' located Kyomachibori, Osaka. Going through the alley, a lovely blue room appears in front of you. Their Colorful Tapioca and Bobble Waffle, are excellent for your Instagram and also delicious!

4FORMA -Abeno Harukas-

A Cheese Cake Specialty Shop

A cheese cake specialty shop FORMA offers a rare cheese cake of three kinds of grape only in this season! Shine Muscat, Kyoho Grape, and Red Grape!


A Perfect Parfait In Summer

For the separate three tiers by chocolate plates in the glass, you can enjoy three tastes in one parfait!