Most Delicious Parfaits In Kyoto Prefecture

Here're best shops you can eat delicious and photogenic parfaits in Kyoto Prefecture. Such as one with many fruits and lovely ones, we selected top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there, and released the ranking for places to go.

Most Delicious Parfaits In Kyoto Prefecture [1-7]


A Lovely Parfait With Many Shine Muscat In Best Season

Muscat mountain! In its inside, custard cream, yoghurt ice cream, soft sponge cake, vanilla espuma, yuzu citron jelly, soft sponge cake again, and custard cream!


Parfait With Lots Of Fruit Offered By Fruit Shop

A gorgeous parfait with lots of Shine Muscat best in this season! It's offered by a fruit shop, so you can eat very delicious fruit.

3Secondhand Book & Café KOTOBA-no HAOTO

What A Cute♡ An Old House Café's 'Nyanko Parfait'

An elaborate 'Nyanko Parfait' is very popular at this café. For the lovely look that can't be expected from the quiet appearance of the building, in addition, only 20 dishes are available, many people come constantly since it opens. In the season of Christmas, Santa Nyanko is also cute and rare.

4Mugesanbou Salon de Muge

Delicious Maccha Parfait & Seasonal Parfait

Mugesanbou Salon de Muge has a air of quietness. The maccha parfait tastes very thick, and the seasonal parfait has many kinds of fruit to be able to enjoy autumn's harvest.


Autumn's Special! Cheese Cake Parfait With Fig & Grape

A parfait associated with autumn. It has dried fig and jelly of red wine, an acquired taste.

6ARROW TREE Kyoto Sanjo

Fruit Shop's Strawberry Rich Parfait

A simple parfait of Amaō strawberry (one of the famous kinds of Japanese strawberry), fresh cream, and vanilla ice cream. You can gorgeously enjoy the taste of strawberry that was selected by a fruit shop! They prepare it for the limited number for a day, so you should go early!

7Kitayama Kochakan

A Substantial Parfait

There're cakes of much white chocolate and almond in it! The scone tastes Earl Grey. It becomes more delicious when you eat it with pistachio ice cream and the cream inside together.