Best Coffee Shops In Kyoto Prefecture

Here're best coffee shops where you can drink tasty coffee in Kyoto. We selected top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there, and released the ranking for places to go.

Best Coffee Shops In Kyoto Prefecture [1-8]

1knot café

High Quality Sandwich Of Dashimaki Omelet Though Coffee Shop

It's opened as a knot of Kyoto and NY. They offer a coffee that you can drink only here, but what most ordered is nothing but Dashimaki Sandwich. Fluffy dashimaki is excellent with a bun baked by a popular bakery in Kyoto.

2Vermillion - cafe.

What A Cute♡ Cute Sweet With Torii Of Fushimi Inari

A café with refreshing greens, located by the approach of Fushimi Inari Shrine. The specialties are coffee popular in Kyoto and sweet with illustration of torii. You can feel easy by greens on its terrace. Here's a lesser known place with fewer people than the approach.


Comfortable Old House Café Managed By A Rickshaw Man In Active Service

This is probably the only café managed by a rickshaw man. You can drink tasty coffee and enjoy talking with stuffs who a good at taking with customers. You can get some tourists tips of Kyoto.

4Walden Woods Kyoto

A Stylish Cafe Like A White Woods At An Residential Area

A cafe named 'Walden Woods' with impressive lantern lights. The original style which has unified white interiors and no tables has become the center of attention just after it opened. Their homemade coffee and Chai Tea made one by one after ordered are very tasty!

5Dongree coffee stand & handicrafts for life

Only Here In Kyoto! You Can Taste Five Coffees Of Different Roasters At An Old House

You can taste '五焙' (Go-bai) made from five kinds of coffee beans roasted by different shops in Kyoto city, at the same time. They grind coffee beans after taking order and pour over one by one. You can enjoy the differences of tastes at the most delicious states. It's also nice to be able to drink with the explanations in detail at a room with tatami floor.


A Cafe With Kyoto's First Viennese Coffee Opened Just After The War

Opened in 1934, it's a retro, classic and perfect cafe. They say the first owner brought Viennese Coffee (coffee with whipped cream) to Kyoto for the first time, The mousse cake looks beautiful, and tastes great with smooth feeling and good balance of sourness and sweetness.

7The NEXT DOOR, lower east nine hostel

Five-storied Pagoda For Only You! A Café In A Hostel Where You Can See To-ji Temple

Anyone who is not a guest of this hostel can use this café at the 1st floor. But I recommend its rooftop. The terrace seats offer the whole view of a five-storied pagoda of To-ji Temple. You can enjoy tasty coffee and food in the open air.

8café cotton

Rich Pudding At Kyoto Cafe With Sunlight Coming From Lattice

With a narrow frontage and long depth, it's a cafe renovated from a traditional Kyoto-style house. With remains of rich-taste pudding and sweet caramel sauce, pour the coffee into my mouth... I love this moment. Croque-monsieur (hot sandwich of ham and cheese) with melting cheese if nice for branch.