Best Shaved Ice To Eat In Kyoto Prefecture

We selected most delicious and memorable shaved ice from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Kyoto. And released a ranking for shops to go.

Best Shaved Ice To Eat In Kyoto Prefecture [1-4]


A Shaved Ice Of Pudding

Cheka is an European confectionery shop located at the side of Nijo Street. On the fluffy shaved ice, homemade custard and caramel syrup are topped. And there's soft pudding inside of it.


Colorful Shaved Ice For Grown-ups

A shaved ice offered at a natural cafe. They prepare only one kind of shaved ice that changes its seasonal taste. Sudachi-citrus syrup, mango, plum and kiwi, for this day. It was refreshing and fresh, I want to eat it again.


Shaved Ice With Uji-kintoki & Fruit Syrup In A Japanese Confectionery Of Long Standing

They start to sell shaved ice from April. On the ice made from good well water, the syrup of Uji-kintoki (azuki bean jam & Uji green tea) and fruit with much pulp are very popular. Many people wait in a line to eat it in the season of shaved ice, but, these are worth waiting!


A Shaved Ice Like A Cake Made By A Pastry Chef

Patisserie TATSUHITO SATOI’s shaved ice of peach and berries. The fluffy shaved ice is of course, the cream over it is so delicious! They release the new taste of shaved ice one after another, I want to visit this pastry again and again.