Best Shimanami Kaido Oshima Island Travel Guide In Ehime Prefecture

Best travel guide for Oshima Island located ahead of Kurushima Strait Bridge from Imabari, Ehime Pref. Oshima has a famous connection with an old strongest Murakami Suigun Pirate, the sea of fast currents were suitable for them. Now you can enjoy seeing the currents on a boat, and great views of Shimanami Kaido from this island. Then, we selected best things to do from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers who have actually been to Shimanami Kaido.

Best Shimanami Kaido Oshima Island Travel Guide In Ehime Prefecture [1-3]

1Swirling Current Viewing

Get Into The Swirling Current! Boat Riding At The Most Difficult Spot Of Seto Inland Sea

The area was a territory of Murakami Suigun (pirate), and said to be the most dangerous place in the sea for the fast swirling currents. You can enjoy the nice scenery, and the thrill of getting into the currents!

2Karei Mountain Observatory Park

Setouchi Scenery From A Reproduced Lookout Place Of The Strongest Japanese Pirates

Around No-shima Island, a small one at the center of pics, strange tides swirl and it used to be a base of the strongest pirates, Murakami Suigun. Karei Observatory is build as an imitation of the pirate's lookout place. You can enjoy the superb view of Setouchi and cherry blossoms in spring.

3Kirozan Observatory

The Super Scenic Observatory Designed By A World-famous Architect, Kengo Kuma

I can't turn my eyes away from the scenery of Shimanami-kaido that suddenly appears in front of me! And also I recognized the design of this observatory was very refined. To my surprised, an architect known in the world, Kengo Kuma designed here. There's nothing that obstructs the view, but only handrails.

Oshima Island

Oshima belongs to Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, and the population is 8000, the area is 42k㎡ and the circumference is about 50㎞. One of Geiyo Islands between Ehime and Hiroshima, and the first island on Shimanami Kaido from Ehime. It's famous in connection with Murakami Suigun Pirate.

How To Get There

By bicycle or on foot (toll free till March 3 in 2018), 7km from Sun Rise Itoyama (on Ehime side), and 50km from Onomichi on Hiroshima side. By car, get off the Shimanami Kaido on Oshima South IC or Oshima North IC. By bus, 25min from Imabari (610yen), or 1 hour from Fukuyama Station in Hiroshima (2150yen). And Shimanami Cycle Express takes 1 hour from Onomichi (1750yen). 20min by express ferry from Imabari to Tomoura Port.

Means To Explore

Bicycle, car and bus. And it's popular for cyclists. You can drive a car to anywhere even the observatory on the mountain top.

The Necessary Time To Explore

Half a day or a whole day. An observatory, swirling current cruise, and a tour for a stone pit.

Foods and Restaurants

We introduce nice restaurants, cafes and diners in the island in the following.

Foods and Restaurants In Oshima Island


You can stay at tourist homes or ryokan in the island.