Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Fukushima Prefecture

We have the ranking for most beautiful flower fields in Fukushima Prefecture, such as cherry blossom, lotus flower and sunflower. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there.

Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Fukushima Prefecture [1-7]

1Koya Hanami Yama

Over 200 Kinds Of Plants In All Seasons

When I visited here, the moss pink and tulip are in full-bloom, and many people enjoyed taking pictures with smiles. It's happy for us to be able to use rest areas in every places, and also free to bring lunches by ourselves.

2San'nokura Kogen Sunflower Field

Tōhoku Region's Largest Sunflower Field With 2.5 Million Flowers

I was moved with the sunflowers spreading to the whole field so much as soon as I arrived here. The spacious sky, clean air, and the sunflowers standing straight, I felt them all with my whole body, and refreshed very much.

3Natsui Senbonzakura (One Thousand Cherry Blossom Trees)

1000 Someiyoshino Cherry Blossom Trees Standing Along The 5 Kilometers Both Sides Of Natsui River

The cherry blossom trees planted and taken care by people living here. And carp streamers (Koinobori). A lot of civic pride here made me filled up with warm feelings.

4Iwaki City Flower Center

Nomophila Flowers You Can Enjoy Without Entrance Fee

It's smaller than that famous park you know, I could still enjoy the flowers of Nemophila. What's more, you can enjoy various seasonal flowers all over the park.

5Shiramizu Amidado Temple

Ancient Lotus Flowers Blooming At A National Treasure Temple

The ancient lotus flowers become full-bloom from now on at Shiramizu Amidado Temple. Many people come to see them and say 'how beautiful!' in unison.

6Kozoji Temple

Heavy Growth Of 50 Thousand Japanese Iris And Three Storied Pagoda As A Prefectural Important Cultural Asset

A collaboration of a three storied pagoda registered as a prefectural important cultural asset and Japanese Iris called 'Shaga' is amazingly beautiful. Leaving myself in this nature, I could feel relaxed and refreshed.

7Miharu Takizakura (Cherry Blossom Tree)

As A Natural Monument And One Of The Three Greatest Cherry Blossom Tree In Japan, Takizakura In The Daylight

I've visited here two times, this cherry blossom showed me different appearances each year. How many times I meet this tree, its strength and beauty make me surprised. Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms and canola flowers behind Miharu Takizakura are also in their best. I could enjoy this gorgeous scenery very much.