Best Cafes In Tokushima Prefecture

Here're best cafes in Tokushima Prefecture. Such as shops offering tasty coffee, sweets and also the great views, we selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there. And released the ranking for cafes to go in Tokushima.

Best Cafes In Tokushima Prefecture [1-6]

1Café de Giverny

Otsuka Museum Café With Well Ordered Drink Like An Art

An ideal café you can take a rest of appreciating arts, and enjoy seeing the flowers Monet had loved, at terrace seats surrounding the outside exhibition 'Nymphé'. The seasonal drink that features one art was very popular for almost all of the customers ordered.

2Terrace Café Ohge

Tart Of Crammed Taste Of 'Naruto Kintoki' Sweet Potato

Most popular sweet is this Naruto Kintoki tart at Café Ohge. You can taste the sweetness of the sweet potato, but it's not too sweet for even men. Naruto Kintoki is representative kind of sweet potato in Japan.

3Mothers Naruto-Store

Home Roasted Coffe Served In A Pot And Long Loved Café In Naruto

Served in a pot, but very reasonable! I was happy to drink a coffee in a high grade cup. I knew why the shop has been loved for a long time by the local people.

4Café on y va

Organic French Of A Conspicuous Restaurant Among The Mountains In Tokushima

As I was told, they cultivate the vegetables carefully without any agricultural chemicals and get rid of harmful insects one by one with their hands, and the meats are also raised happily in nature. The beautiful and delicious Southern French of such foodstuffs. The restaurant I could meet only in Kamiyama, and want to visit again.


A Café Renovated From An Old House At A Historical Town

Waki-cho is famous for its historical town. A café Funatoto was renovated from an old house and designed like a fashionable shop.

6Asa Hiru Tokidoki Ban Gohan DOOR!

The Wall Of Doors Like A Wonderland

Asa Hiru Tokidoki Ban Gohan Door! is a lovely cafe with a wall of doors like fairy tales! The room has stairwell, and we can feel relaxed and have a leisurely time.