Best Cafes In Nara Prefecture

Here're best cafes in Nara Prefecture. Such as shops offering tasty coffee, sweets and also the comfortable interiors, we selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there. And released the ranking for cafes to go in Nara.

Best Cafes In Nara Prefecture [1-10]

1Horiuchi Fruit Shop

Sandwich With Big Cut Fruit Of A Shop Directly Managed By A Fruit Farm

It's a café under the direct management of a fruit farm in Yoshino, Nara. I recommend their fruit sandwich firstly. The fruit is delicious of course, the bread of brown sugar and the cream not too sweet are excellent!

2Kojo'ato Cafe

A Nostalgic Café Stands In A Factory Site As Its Name

They uses a former office of a factory after renovation as a café. The atmosphere of the old time remains strongly and it looks nostalgic. All of the dishes and sweets are so delicious that I want you to take your time to taste them!


What A Cute♡ Muffins Of Mountains In Nara

In the site of a popular café 'Nanatsumori' in Nara, okashiya kiiro sells 'OYAMUFFIN' that is named the same as mountains in Nara. They are photogenic, and also very delicious!


Delicious Coffee And Sweets

Cord is a cafe offers mainly coffee and sweets, located at Asahigaoka, Kashiba city, Nara prefecture. They also prepare lunch-plate and sandwich set meal during the daytime. I like the chic and calm atmosphere which all grown-ups will like.

5niko and … Nara Family

Nikopan Started From Nara! Roll Managed By Apparel Company

Nikopan, a roll of 'niko and…COFFEE' managed by 'niko and…', has lovely four-sided roll. For the ingredients put after ordered, it's fresh, soft and delicious♡ In Kansai region, you can eat it only here!

6Bolik Coffee

A Relaxing Cafe With Lovely Eastern Europe Goods

Bolik Coffee has a bright room with the sunlight and sells many lovely handmade goods and Matryoshka dolls. In the warm and relaxing room, I could have good coffee time.


Delicious Fig Parfait At A Cafe In Nara

At an old-house cafe 'kanakana', fig parfait only in this season. The refreshing homemade yogurt ice cream and jelly-like fig are excellent each other and delicious.

8Miyake Kyu-Kōnoike Tei Omoya

A Japanese Sweets Cafe In Nara

Miyake is a best cafe to eat Japanese sweets in Nara. Their Maccha (green tea) Parfait and Houji Tea (roasted tea) Parfait are very delicious. In summer, its shaved ice (Kakigōri) is also a best seller.

9Moko Moko

Toast With Fluffy Texture

Bread made without water nor eggs. It has fluffy texture, moderate elasticity, and a little sweetness. You can enjoy its taste by even simple toast with butter.

10Gom Cafe

Weekly Lunch Plate Makes Me Want To Eat Again

The lunch plate with side dishes change by the week. They're cooked with natural seasonings, and all of the tastes soak gently into my body. It's a perfect plate with full of side dishes that can become main dishes.