Best Cafes In Shiga Prefecture

Here're best cafes in Shiga Prefecture. Such as shops offering tasty coffee, sweets and also great views, we selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there. And released the ranking for cafes to go in Shiga.

Best Cafes In Shiga Prefecture [1-7]

1Schale Mizugahama

Get Biwa Lake All To Myself!? The Superb Sweeping View Of The Lake

Don't think it just a café. Here has the special seats for viewing Biwa Lake without anyone standing in your way. Every time I need a scramble for its terrace seats, I'm lucky if I can get! In spring, please enjoy the cherry blossoms.

2CLUB HARIE J'oublie le temps

All You Can Eat Breads Of Popular Bakery! Happy Breakfast By The Lake Biwa

J'oublie le temps is a bakery of famous confectionery CLUB HARIE. At this lovely bakery like being in other countries, you can taste tasty breads and nice views of Lake Biwa. Have a luxury breakfast without thinking about time.

3Gallery & Cafe ENSOU

Delicious & Beautiful Seasonal Tarts Which Many People Want Though In The Woods!

Though they prepare only seasonal tarts and drinks, such a beautiful tart you eat in the woods is a good seller because they're very photogenic! Many customer come from far, and they would be sold out till noon even on weekdays. I recommend you to visit here just after it opens!

4Dome Cafe, A Hill With Lake Biwa View

Great Location Cafe In Front Of Panoramic View Of Lake Biwa

The blue color of its best-seller drink 'tonic soda' is excellent with the scenery of Lake Biwa and the clear sky. The private-seat requires the fee, you can have the scenery all to yourself.

5Parfait Specialty Cafe LAMP

A Parfait In Lantern Vessel

In the cafe, there's a fantastic mood like night forest with many lighted lamps. This specialty shop offers a parfait in a lamp-shaped vessel. What's more, it stands at a good location to see the whole view of Beautiful Lake Biwa.

6Sweet Works Arabesque Sha

Delicious Parfait With Various Cake Of A Pastry Shop

Good for sweet-lover who want to eat various cakes! It's delicious and big! Ice cream, cheese cake, various fruit, spongy cake, chocolate crunch, pudding and brown sugar syrup, all of them get together in it!

7Hikone Mihori no Ya

Just Baked Scones

This shop is famous for its baumkuchen! But other pastries are also good and there are different kinds of pastries in each shops. Here you can eat scones just baked.