Must-See Arts & Museums In Okayama Prefecture

Here're must-see arts and museums in Okayama Prefecture. To begin with Inujima Refinery Art Museum, we selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there, and released the ranking for artistic places in Okayama.

Must-See Arts & Museums In Okayama Prefecture [1-5]

1Okayama Castle

Cool Illumination Of Okayama Castle In Summer

Okayama Castle is called 'Cormorant Castle' for its black outer wall. Summer illumination event is held during August. You can see the gentle and cool Japanese atmosphere with traditional umbrellas and lanterns. Must see in summer!

2Inujima Island

A Fusion Of An Island And Arts 'House Project', I Want To Live Such A Place

Do you want to have a daily life with arts? Some galleries are dotted to identify with the island, and I envy the beautiful sceneries of Inujima Island seen through the arts. It's C and A house.

3Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art

Experience The Marvelous Feeling! Exhibition Room Where Your Sense Of Balance Goes Mad

Nagi MOCA located on north of Okayama, thought it's small, there're some interesting exhibition rooms for experiences. I want you to experience the marvelous feelings of 'moon' and 'sun'.

4Inujima Seirensho (Refinery) Art Museum

Crossing The Industrial Legacy And Arts, A Museum With The New Space-Time

The legacy of industrial modernization, Inu-jima refinery's retro appearance got mixed with art works and buildings to make you feel being in an another time at this museum.

5Ohara Art Museum

The First Museum Of Western Modern Art In Japan

It's a landmark of Kurashiki. The structure like a genuine Greek Temple is splendid.