Best Cafes And Restaurants In Teshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture

Best cafes and restaurants for lunch in Teshima, an island of art that belongs to Kagawa Prefecture. You can eat the island's specialty and sweets made from foodstuffs grown in the mild climate of Seto Inland Sea at some artistic cafes and restaurants surrounded with nature and atmosphere of Teshima. Then, we selected top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers who have actually been there.

Best Cafes And Restaurants In Teshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture [1-7]

1Umi-no Restaurant (Sea Restaurant)

A Super Scenic Restaurant You Can Eat Te-shima Island Lunch

Special restaurant for lunch at Te-shima Island. Outside seats are very close to the sea in front of our eyes, and this gorgeous scenery and the sounds of the sea make us comfortable. Their fish dish is delicious, so I will never forget the dish and scenery at this super scenic restaurant.

2Teshima Art Museum Café

The Island's Sunlight Streams Into The Shell Structure, A Museum Café Like An Art

Teshima Art Museum that consists of shell structure without any pillars, has a café like an art in its site. You can eat delicious Olive Rice and lemon cakes made from the island's foodstuffs in the comfortable sunlight.

3Lemon Hotel

An Installation Art 'Lemon Hotel' You Can Actually Stay

It's an enjoyable installation art which you experience at the voice's suggestions. It's also a hotel accepting only one group a day and a café you can eat and drink the island's specialty lemon. By the way, what does this art mean? You'll know that after the experience.


Delicious Strawberry Sweets Made From Homemade Strawberries

Teshima Island is known for arts and museum, not only those, you can eat delicious strawberry sweets like crepe and parfait at 'Ichigoya' directly managed by Tada Farm. I like its shaved ice specially, and they sell some strawberry foods such as jam, so anyone who like strawberry must be satisfied with them.

5IL Vento

Teshima Island Lemon Squash Of A Sensational Art Cafe

This lemon squash is so fresh, sour, and made from the locally grown lemon. Having a local specialty in such an artistic room, makes me feel happy to come to Teshima, one of Setouchi art islands, very much.

6Shima Kitchen

A Mild Curry And Rice That Mothers In The Island Make

Mothers live in the island make this curry that contains a lot of minced meat, locally grown vegetables and a little spice. Furthermore, this curry is produced by a chef in Marunouchi, Tokyo, I'm sure that the curry is delicious.

7Shima Kitchen

A Reborn Old House Restaurant On The Theme Of Food And Art

The old house restaurant on the theme of food and art appears at Setouchi Triennale. A terrace where you can eat and feel the island's atmosphere, a kitchen where the mothers cook, and the interior are all nice. I want to enjoy island life like here.

Things To Do In Teshima Island

After you get stuffed, let's enjoy the arts and stunning views.

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