Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Chiba Prefecture

We have the ranking for most beautiful flower fields in Chiba Prefecture, such as Hattori Farm Hydrangea Estate and Akebonoyama Farmers Park. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there.

Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Chiba Prefecture [1-9]

1Keisei Rose Garden

1600 Kinds Of Rose Dressed In Many Colors

Roses in many colors blooming all around the garden. I think here's only place where you can see so many roses at one time in Japan. Roses bloom in autumn not only in spring.

2Akebonoyama Farmers Park

Tulip In Full Bloom All Around Me

160 thousand tulips in full bloom all around me. Together with the windmill, the scenery is like the Netherlands as we image. The best season of these tulip is the middle of April.

3Hattori Farm Hydrangea Estate

More Than 10 Thousand Trees Of Hydrangea Dressed In Many Colors

Many beautiful hydrangeas become in full-bloom all around the mountain from June. Although Hattori Farm is a little far from the city central, it's worth visiting.

4Ancient Oga Hasu Water Lily Park

The World's Oldest Flower 'Oga Hasu Water Lily'

Dr. Oga Ichiro found three seeds of ancient water lily that had bloomed in Jomon Era (around 100-4 B.C.), and succeeded to make one of them bloom at Kenmi Kosei Farm in 1951. You can see such a precious water lily here.

5Mother Farm

Lively Pink Flower Fields

Mother Farm opens an event 'Pink Breath' from May to September, and about 25 thousand flowers covers the surface of Kanou-zan Mountain. This flower is breeding of Petunia.


One Of The Three Biggest Places Of Daffodils! Chiba's Daffodils In Winter

It's getting colder in January. But in Kyonan Town, where is not so far from metropolitan area, you can see the many beautiful daffodils blooming against such a cold air!

7Suigo Sawara Ayame Park

1.5 Million Iris Flowers At A Waterside Village Sawara

You can enjoy seeing irises in Sawara from a boat going in the park. 'Marriage Boat' is, in other words, Japanese June bride. I really long for a couple in a boat surrounded with many irises!

8Funabashi Andersen Garden

Like A Fairly Tale! A Large Garden You Can Feel The Andersen's World

A motif of this garden is the children's story of H.C Andersen, a Dane author. In the large 30ha garden, you can enjoy the seasonal flowers and greens.

9Chikura Flower Garden

Picking Flowers In Earlier Season Than Anywhere

Chikura Town near the tip of Boso Peninsula, for the warm climate through a year we can enjoy picking flowers in from the beginning of January. There makes us feel spring earlier than anywhere.