Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Aichi Prefecture

We have the ranking for most beautiful flower fields in Aichi Prefecture, such as Chausuyama Highlands and Katahara Onsen Hydrangea Village. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there.

Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Aichi Prefecture [1-7]

1Chausuyama Highlands

Beautiful Hill Of Pink Moss On The Mountain Top Commanding The Japan South Alps

Under the clear sky on beautiful sunny day, I could see the amazing hill covered with pink moss from the mountain top! I enjoyed also the lift to go slowly to the destination. You must be excited at the pink scenery that appears bit by bit.

2Mimo Shrine

The Colorful Hydrangeas Floating On A Purification Fountain

At Mimo Shrine, I feel peace in my mind at the floating hydrangeas on a purification fountain (a water jar by which visitors clean their hands and mouths before prayer). It's nice in this rainy season

3Yakachi River

Red Carpet Of Cluster Amaryllis Covered The Bank

I can say only wonderful for the scenery of as many as 2 million cluster amaryllis blooming together along the 2 kilometers bank. On the day of a wedding ceremony held at a shrine nearby, the bridal line of people walk along the cluster amaryllis, and it's worth seeing!

4Tourist Farm Hana-Hiroba

Tourist Farm With Various Flowers In Each Season

I enjoyed summer with a stretch of sunflowers! We can take home up to three flowers if you want.

5Katahara Onsen Hydrangea Village

50 Thousand Hydrangeas At Katahara Onsen District

I enjoyed hydrangeas blooming as far as the eyes can see. They're very beautiful. What's more, they're going to be lit up, so you can enjoy the park also at night.

6Aichi Farm

Large Flower Fields Changing Every Season

No admission fees! At Aichi Farm, you can touch animals (requires some fees) and enjoy eating delicious ice cream!

7Aichi Expo Memorial Park

Moving World Expo Comes Buck To Mind! More Than 300 Exhibits And Vast Site Of Lush Plants

You can see the various presented exhibits at a memorial hall. And the large site harmonizing seasonal flowers and woods with modern architectures. It reminds us of Aichi World Expo theme 'wisdoms of nature'.