Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Shizuoka Prefecture

We have the ranking for most beautiful flower fields in Shizuoka Prefecture, such as Tsumekisaki Park and Yoshida Park Tulip Fetival. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there

Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Shizuoka Prefecture [1-5]

1Komuroyama Park

A Park Colored By Many Colorful Azaleas

Azareas begins to bloom late in April and you can enjoy them untill the beginning of May. A beautiful scenery of pink, red and white azaleas spreads as far as you can see.

2Yoshida Park Tulip Fetival

Cherry Blossoms & 100 Thousand Tulips In The Spring Breeze

Shizuoka Prefectural Yoshida Park, known as a flower park, holds Tulip Festival in early spring, 60 kinds and 100 thousand tulips are amazing! They prepare some spots to take pictures of tulips and cherry blossoms together, so it's so much worth seeing and taking pictures.

3Shimoda Park

Great Path For Walk & Photo With 150 Thousand Hydrangeas At Both Sides

At the top of the steps, there're lots of hydrangeas on the slope as far as the eyes can see! You can see lots of hydrangeas all around you. If you can visit here in early morning, there're few people and you can enjoy walking and taking pictures.

4Tsumekisaki Park

The Sea, Aloe, And Narcissus. The New Year's Narcissus Festival Wrapped In Sweet Scents

With a beautiful Cobalt Blue Sea in Izushimoda, Suzaki Peninsula's Tsumekisaki Garden is a gregarious spot of as many as 3 million wild narcissuses. Enjoy the New Year's walk on the sea side wrapped in sweet scent. Narcissus Festival is held till the beginning of February.

5Hamamatsu Flower Park

A Beautiful Mosai-culture, a Combination Of Flowering Plants

This huge park is three hundred thousands square meters and seasonal flowers bloom one after another here. Arts of 'mosai-culture' that is three-dimensional combination of flowers are noteworthy. Wonderful arts of flowers and greens will welcome you.