Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Nara Prefecture

We have the ranking for most beautiful flower fields in Nara Prefecture, such as cherry blossoms in Fujiwara Palace Site and hydrangea in Yata-dera Temple. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there.

Most Beautiful Flower Fields In Nara Prefecture [1-10]

1Yata-dera Temple

Hydrangeas As Far As The Eye Can See! Hydrangea Temple With 60 Kinds & 10 Thousand Trees

Famed as a hydrangea temple in Nara, Yata-dera has as many as 10 thousand trees and 60 kinds of hydrangeas including rare ones. We never get tired of watching the differences between the kind at a sample garden.

2Han'nya-ji Temple

A Photogenic Cosmos Temple To Visit In Autumn

Han'nya-ji Temple is well known as a cosmos temple. From September to November, there're 150 thousand and 30 kinds of cosmos are in bloom. It's very photogenic to take pictures of a temple and 13 storied stone pagoda over the cosmos!

3Mt. Katsuragi Natural Azalea Park

Amazing Hiking In Red Mountain! Azalea Flowers As Far As The Eye Can See

Mt. Katsuragi is famous for azalea and called as 'one million azaleas in one glance'. They're all volunteer azaleas! The mountain colored in red is like an amazing red carpet! 'Cause there're many benches, it's nice for you to bring lunches and enjoy amazing hiking!

4Houki-ji Temple

The Oldest Three-storied Pagoda! A World Heritage & Sunset & Cosmos

Houki-ji Temple is a world heritage and has an oldest three-storied pagoda in Japan. Many camera-lovers get together to take pictures of the pagoda glowing in the setting sun! In autumn, colorful cosmos are in full bloom at fallow fields around the temple, so you can see the pagoda in collaboration with cosmos!

5Kuhon-ji Temple

Cluster Amaryllis Shining In The Morning Glow

When the sun rises, the heavy growth of cluster amaryllis is lighted brilliantly all at once. Its beautiful scenery will brow your sleep away.

6Fujiwara Palace Site

I Want To See Forever More! Collaboration Of Cherry Blossom & Canola Flowers

Fujiwara Palace was the first town that imitated Chinese one. Around the site, you can see the seasonal flowers, especially in spring, the collaboration of cherry blossoms and canola flowers! You must feel refreshed by the lovely spring colors of pink and yellow!

7Motoyakushi-ji Temple Site

Innumerable Water Hyacinth Floating On The Water

Water hyacinth becomes its best to see from the late August to September. It's not a popular flower, but has an attraction makes people want to see again next year! It's nice to see with the setting sun, too!

8Buckwheat Fields At Kasa

Field Of Pretty Flowers Dying The World White

There're some buckwheat fields dotted at Kasa area of Sakurai city, Nara Prefecture. I set 'Kasa Soba Restaurant (4408 Kasa Sakurai-shi, Nara)' in car navigation system, then I could see many buckwheat flower fields on the way. The best season to see them is from middle of September to the end of the month.

9Umami Kyuryo Park

Enjoy Colorful Spring♡ Exciting Tulip In Full Bloom

Umami Kyuryo Park is a large prefectural park with ancient tombs and rich nature. There're about 500 thousand tulips and spring flowers in the park! You can enjoy various seasonal flowers whenever you visit the park.

10Soni Kogen Highlands

A Grassland Covered With Susuki Pampas Grass

Soni Kogen Highland is covered completely with Japanese pampas grass (susuki). The ears of pampas grass shines fantastically in the evening glow, and many tourist come to see this scenery every year.