Best Restaurants For 'Hishio Don' In Shodoshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture

Shodoshima is famous for soy sauce, and its one of the specialty food is 'Hishio Don'. Hishio is an ingredient for soy sauce or miso. Many restaurants and diners offer 'Hishio Don' with the locally grown vegetables and seafood seasoned with soy sauce and moromi. Then, we selected top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers who actually have been to Shodoshima, Kagawa Pref.

Best Restaurants For 'Hishio Don' In Shodoshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture [1-5]

1Sun Olive Restaurant

Shodoshima's Specialty Food 'Hishio-don'

The local specialty 'Hishio-don' with Shodoshima's fish, vegetables and hishio (ingredient for miso and soy sauce). This restaurant offers it with chicken and egg! Including tasty rice grown in Shodoshima, all the foodstuffs are excellent.◎Price: 950 yen

2Inakasyokudo Osakaya

Specialty Food 'Sashimi Hishio Don' At A Local Favorite Dinner

Hishio Don is a local specialty food made with seafood and soy sauce in Shodoshima Island. Osakaya is a local favorite dinner located just near Sakate Port. You can eat 'Sashimi Hishio Don' with tasty sashimi of young yellowtail and octopus.◎An islander told me this dinner to eat delicious lunch.

3Resort Hotel Olivean Shodo-shima

Calm Scenery Of Setouchi & 'Hishio-don' You Can Taste 120% Of Shodo-shima Island

Shodo-shima Island's local dish 'Hishio-don' uses soy sauce made here and seafood of Setouchi. Hotel Olivean prepares seafood and rice in a bowl with two kinds of soy sauce! Since the hotel stands in heights, the ocean view is also nice.

4Olive Palace RestleA

Only 10 Dishes A Day. Western Style 'Hishio-don' A Specialty Of Shodoshima

The local specialty 'Hishio-don' uses Shodoshima Island's fish, vegetables and Hishio (ingredient for soy sauce and miso). You can eat various Hishio-don at many restaurants in the island. Here, they prepare rare Western style one with fritter and vegetables on olive rice, which is only 10 set a day.◎Soy sauce and moromi made at 'Hishio no Sato' (area of stores and factories of hishio) are used for the seasonings of Hishio-don.

5Cafe Chuzaemon

The Hishio-Bowl that Has Many Local Ingredients Seasoned with Soy Sauce and Olive Oil in Shodoshima Island

Shodoshima-island has history of making soy sauce. The healthy and delicious bowl has vegetables and fishes of the island seasoned with the high-quality soy sauce and homemade olive oil mixed garlic and red pepper.

Hishio Don

It's a specialty of the island that is called 'Soy Sause Island' for its tradition of producing say sauce. And it uses other specialties like olive, vegetables and seafood, and it's seasoned with soy sauce or moromi. Each restaurants have the original ones, and difference in its look and taste. And, we introduce other food of the island in the following.

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