Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Ishikawa

Here're most beautiful shrines and temples to go when you travel in Ishikawa. Such as 'Oyama Shrine' famous for the unique design of gate, and 'Shirayamahime Shrine' said to bring good fortune for love. Then, we selected best historical sites posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who have actually traveled in Ishikawa.

Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Ishikawa [1-5]

1Shirayamahime Shrine

Good Effect On Marriage! Shirayamahime Shrine For The Strongest God Of Love

The deity 'Kukuri-hime' mediated between the gods 'Izanagi' and 'Izanami' who was a married couple and had found Japan. And more, 'Kukuri' is similar to 'kukuru (form a connection)', Kukuri-hime has been adored as a god for harmony and marriage since ancient times.

2Korin-ji Temple

Kanazawa's Popular Spiritual Spot! Prayer Temple Where The Visitors Never Stopped

Korin-ji Temple is secretly becoming popular as a temple for success in one-wish. Any kinds of wish will be OK, but only one for one person. And the way of praying is also very unique. If you touch the White Fudo sitting in the garden, you can get a beautiful skin. So don't miss touching it!

3Nata-dera Temple

Surprising Nature! Kigan Yusenkyou, The Site Of Ancient Submarine Eruptions

Started in 717, with a history of 1300 years, Nata-dera Temple has some nationally designated important cultural properties. And this wonderful view around 'Kigan Yusenkyou (strangely shaped rocks and a gorge a wizard living) was read in Matsuo Basho's haiku 'ishiyama no, ishi yori shiroshi, aki no kaze.' (Whiter than rocks of a rock mountain, an autumn wind)

4Keta-taisha Shrine

Strong Supporter For Ladies In Love! Keta-taisha Shrine Is The Most Powerful Spot For Good Matrimony In Noto Peninsula

The shrine has a matrimony prayer spot named 'Kirei Musubi Dokoro' that is the only one in Japan. And it has many events for good fortunes in marriage throughout a year. Specially, 'Tsuitachi Musubi' held on the first day of every month is very crowded with people from all over Japan.

5Oyama Shrine

Japan's Important Cultural Asset! A Shin-mon Gate With The Original Design Of Japanese, Western & Chinese Style Mixed

Toshiie Maeda is the deity of this Oyama Shrine. Shin-mon gate is famous for its novel design with a colorful stained glass. At one time, the god's light had reached far away to the Japan Sea. And, on the top, there's the oldest lightning rod in Japan.