Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Tochigi

Here're most beautiful shrines and temples to go when you travel in Tochigi. To begin with Nikko Toshogu Shrine as one of the Japanese world heritages, we selected best historical sites posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who have actually traveled in Tochigi.

2 Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Tochigi

1Nikko Toshogu Shrine

The World Heritage Site Woven By The Nature And Cultures

Nikko Tosho-gu shrine is full of nature and Japanese cultural assets. Beautiful, and historical place that we want to visit in this good season from spring.

2Chuzenji Temple

The Lake Chuzenji Scenery From Godai-dou Temple

Chuzenji Temple stands by the Lake Chuzenji. Taking photos is prohibited inside the temple, but the scenery from Godai-dou is outstanding. It locates high in just degree, a superb view spot.