Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Kanagawa

Here're most beautiful shrines and temples to go when you travel in Kanagawa. Such as Meigetsuin Temple renown for blue hydrangeas, and Houkoku-ji Temple with beautiful bamboo grove, we selected best historical sites posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who have actually traveled in Kanagawa.

Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Kanagawa [1-10]

1Hakone Shrine

Famous Spiritual Power Spot In Kanto Region! Mysterious Torii Gate On the Lake

A shrine famous for the divine help for money and success in life stands along the Ashino-ko Lake. If the weather is good, you can see the torii and Mt.Fuji together on the lake from the opposite bank.◎Access: To Motohakone by bus, train or ferry. And walk 10 min. Parking lot is available.

2Houkoku-ji Temple

2000 Beautiful Bamboo Named Meng Zong, & Green Tea In This Garden

The path in bamboo grove wrapped in quietness. Looking up the bamboo in the sky, there's the play of sunlight through them. They're so beautiful that I want to watch them for a longer time. And, green tea and Japanese sweets to eat with peaceful minds in this garden. You can see also camellia with bamboo till around April.◎Kamakura Station East Gate bus stop No.5. Jomyoji bus stop, walk 3min, Entrance fee: 200yen, green tea and sweets required more 500yen.

3Meigetsuin Temple

Meigetsuin Blue You Can See At A Hydrangea Temple In Kamakura

Kamakura is renown for hydrangea in this season, and Meigetsuin Temple is one of the most popular places. There're 2500 trees of hydrangea in beautiful colors admired as 'Meigetsuin Blue'. You can meet the beautiful scenery of rainy season, together with the bamboo grove.◎To enjoy seeing and taking pictures of hydrangeas enough, it'll be better for you to visit as soon as Meigetsuin Temple opens, or about one hour before it closes.

4Kawasaki Daishi Heigen-ji

Kawasaki Daishi, One Of The Three Places With Biggest Number Of 'Hatsu-moude' Visitors On New Year's Day!

Kawasaki Daishi Heiken-ji Temple has the second biggest number of visitors on New Year's Day (Hatsu-moude) in Japan. Their Goma Pray is very strong with the sounds of drums and sutra recitation! Shopping in the precinct can be also an attraction.◎There're parking lot (both free and toll), but they're possible to be full except for the early morning. Train is most convenient.

5Tenkei-san Gyokuhoji Temple (Gohyaku-Rakan

Overwhelming 526 Statues Of Rakan

Tenkei-san Gyokuhoji Temple (byname: Gohyaku-Rakan) was built by a vassal of Hojo Family. The main temple has, relatively small, 25-60cm tall, 526 Rakan statues with various faces. The scene of the temple filled up with the statues is really overwhelming!◎Access: From Odawara Station, take Daiyuzan Line to Gohyaku-Rakan Station. Easy access from there.

6Hase-dera Temple

A Healing Jizo Image Standing Calmly In The Garden With Seasonal Flowers & Trees

A well-known spiritual power spot, Hase-dera Temple. Enjoy beautiful garden and then, pray solemnly. You can meet Jizo (a stone image of Jizo) at some places in the precinct and feel relaxed with this healing Jizo♪ Jizo with the power for good marriage is also popular here.◎Open: 8:00-17:00 (16:30 From Oct. to Feb.) Entrance Fee: adult ¥300 /child¥100 Access: From Hase Station of Enoshima Train Parking: toll parking lot

7Engaku-ji Temple

A Great Writer Also Trained! A Medieval Precinct & Historical Zen Meditation

This temple, located in quiet North Kamakura, is famous for a great writer Natsume Soseki's visiting. Going through the temple gate which was written in a novel 'Mon 門', the orderly precinct has had the historical atmosphere since the ancient times. They hold various events of Zen meditation, why don't you join?◎Entrance Fee: adult 300yen child 100yen Access: 1min walk from Kitakamakura Station of JR Yokosuka Line. Zen meditation for dawn, Saturdays, Sundays and students.


Who Made? Why? A Mysterious Buddha Statue With Many Vicissitudes

Kamakura's symbol and well-known second statue of Buddha of Kotoku-in. It struck by disasters many times, and there's few materials to know its birth. It attracts us mysteriously.

9Zuiun-ji Temple Rikifudouson

Strongest Spiritual Power! A Temple On The Trough Fault, A Gathering Spot Of 4 Big Plates On Earth

A temple on a hill of Soga Plum Grove wrapped by the scent of plum blossoms in season. There's the exposed fault where the well-known Soga Brothers had been given the power. I feel the unusual power from the plates moving around my body from head to foot.

10Sasuke Inari Shrine

The Strongest Spot For Energy Of Success & Better Fortune In Kamakura

In Kamakura, here's a spot with the strongest energy for success and better fortune in life. The precinct is wrapped with sacred atmosphere, and through the approach with many torii gates and red dedicated flags, there're a worship hall and a main shrine. I like the mood with many Oinari-san (goddess of farm products that is symbolized as a fox) and moss-covered nature.◎20 min walk from JR Kamakura Station's East Gate. Or, get on a bus from Kamakura Station to Haseoyato. Sasuke Inari Shrine and Ugafuku Shrine famous for Zeniarai Benzaiten (money-cleaning goddess) are located very close, so you must visit together.