Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Tokyo

Here're most beautiful shrines and temples to go when you travel in Tokyo. Such as Nezu Shrine celebrated for the colorful azaleas, and Gotoku-ji Temple famous as a cat temple because it's a birth place of Maneki-neko, we selected best historical sites posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who have actually traveled in Tokyo.

Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Tokyo [1-8]

1Gotoku-ji Temple

Cats! Cats! And More Cats! A Temple As A Birthplace Of Beckoning Cat

Gotokuji Temple is known as a birthplace of Beckoning Cat (Maneki-neko: cat ornament able to bring good lucks together). There're so many Beckoning Cats that had brought lucks and been dedicated back to the temple. I wonder how many lucks they brought! I think I can receive a share of happiness, and it's a must see spot for cat-loving people.◎You can buy Beckoning Cat at a temple office (9:00-17:00). And you're lucky if you can ride or see the Beckoning Cat Train of Tokyu Setagaya Line (nearest station: Miyanosaka), because there's only one train with a illustration of cat.

2Shiofune Kannon-ji Temple

Colorful And Lovely 'Tsutsuji' Azalea

Shiofune Kannon-ji Temple's azalea (tsutsuji in Japanese) festival is opened from April 8th to the beginning of May. Though the temple looks ordinary one at first glance, surprisingly, you can find the beautiful scenery of round-cut azalea trees in the backyard.

3Nezu Shrine

Senbon Torii & 100 Kinds, 3000 Trees Of Azalea At Nezu Shrine

Nezu Shrine is celebrated as a spiritual power spot in Tokyo, and 6612 square meters Azalea Garden has been its best. The scenery of Senbon Torii (one thousand torii gates standing in a line) located at the both sides of Otome Inari Shrine in the precinct is one of the best things to see here. Azalea Festival is holding till May 6th.◎Opening hours: 9:00-17:30. Entrance fee: 200yen. Access: 5 min walk from Sendagi Station 1st Gate. I entered from North Torii Gate, and went through Senbon Torii, and arrived Azalea Garden. When I left the shrine, Senbon Torii was crowded with many people. As you expect, the early morning is better. Please check HP to find other ways to visit Azalea Garden. You can look the blooming conditions by live camera. I think it's good for you to visit sooner.

4Hakusan Shrine

Hydrangea Shrine At Tokyo Downtown Colored With 3000 Trees Of Hydrangea

Hakusan Shrine is well-known as a hydrangea shrine in Tokyo downtown. In July, about 3000 trees of hydrangea color the precinct beautifully. You must see the hydrangea-surrounding Komainu (a stone guardian dog)!

5Otori Shrine

Annual Event Of Year's End! 'Tori-no Ichi' Filled With Gorgeous 'Kumade' Raking Up Good Fortunes

Otori Shine is the birth place of Tori-no Ichi Festival that is hold at the Cock days (one of the twelve daily signs) of November. Many people visit the shrine for rakes that gather the good fortunes and money in the coming year. Energetic hand-clapping and shouting 'business success' make me feel that I can really gather the good fortunes!

6Senso-ji Temple

Lighted A Five Storied Pagoda And Hozo-mon Gate

Senso-ji Temple is a highlight of Asakusa sightseeing. Especially, illuminated pagoda and Hozo-mon produce a mysterious beauty that make us forget that we're in a big city.

7Zojoji Temple

An Important Cultural Aseet, Taitokuin Reibyo Gate

It is lightened up against the background of Tokyo Tower. It's cool whenever I see the gate.

8Meiji Jingu Shrine

A Leafy Shrine As An Oasis In A Big City

The site of 700,000 square meters, so leafy and beautifully keeped shrine that I can forget be in a big city.