Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Mie

Here're most beautiful shrines and temples to go when you travel in Mie. To begin with Ise Jingu composed of 125 inner and outer shrines, we selected best historical sites posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who have actually traveled in Mie.

Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Mie [1-3]

1Futamiokitama Shrine

So Beautiful Sunrise Above A Couple Rock That Makes Me Naturally Put My Hands Together

I could see the beautiful morning glow and the sunrise above the couple rock, that was my dearest wish.

2Ise Jingu Shrine [Toyouke Daijingu]

A Leafy Approach, And A Beautiful Shogu

Geku of Ise Jingu shrine. Toyouke Daijin is a god for all kinds of industry such as food, clothing and shelter. Meals for gods are started to cook here by making a fire everyday.

3Ise Jingu Shrine [Kotai Jingu]

The Holiest Shrine In Japan's History Of 2000 Years

Very holy atomosphere surrounded by ancient forest. At Shogu, you can pray for like the world's peace, but you can pray a private wish at a building called Aramatsuri-no miya.