Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Osaka

Here're most beautiful shrines and temples to go when you travel in Osaka. To begin with Katsuo-ji Temple famous for many daruma dolls in the precinct, we selected best historical sites posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who have actually traveled in Osaka.

Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Osaka [1-2]

1Katsuoji Temple

Mountain Temple With Beautiful Fall Foliage Like A Paradise In Autumn

Katsuo-ji Temple is the 23th one of Saikoku 33 Temples. It's famous for Daruma Dolls, and also the beautiful fall foliage that cover the whole mountain in autumn. You can see the lovely collaboration of Daruma and autumn colored leaves.◎Illumination Event (only in 2017): Saturdays, Sundays and holidays till November 30th. From sunset to 19:30(close the gate). You need to use cars because there're no public facilities.

2Hokoku Shrine

Enormous Effect! A Spiritual Spot For Success In Life

Hokoku Shrine stands in front of the main gate of Osaka Castle and Toyotomi Hideyoshi is a deity of the shrine. Here is well known as a spot of better fortune of success in life.