Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Nara

Here're most beautiful shrines and temples to go when you travel in Nara. Such as world heritageTodaiji Temple famous for the huge statue of Buddha, and Yata-dera Temple with 10 thousand trees of beautiful hydrangeas, we selected best historical sites posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who have actually traveled in Nara.

Most Beautiful Shrines & Temples In Nara [1-9]

1Yata-dera Temple

Hydrangeas As Far As The Eye Can See! Hydrangea Temple With 60 Kinds & 10 Thousand Trees

Famed as a hydrangea temple in Nara, Yata-dera has as many as 10 thousand trees and 60 kinds of hydrangeas including rare ones. We never get tired of watching the differences between the kind at a sample garden.◎Season: from June to the beginning of July every year, they open a hydrangea garden. Hydrangeas spreading toward the mountain are worth seeing. Many visitors come from other prefectures since Yata-dera has various kinds.

2Mt. Ikoma Houzan-ji Temple

A Temple For Businness Prosperity With Vast Precinct & Retro Atmosphere

It's called 'Shoten-san' and has been familiar to the peoplle in Ikoma. Such as ranging lanterns and the city scenery under the shrine, you can enjoy Ikoma Mountain enough at only here, You can also pray for the good marriage and giving up drinking.◎Access: Take a cable car from Ikoma Station and get off at Houzan-ji Station. On the way back, it's nice to walk down and see the unique townscape.

3Han'nya-ji Temple

A Photogenic Cosmos Temple To Visit In Autumn

Han'nya-ji Temple is well known as a cosmos temple. From September to November, there're 150 thousand and 30 kinds of cosmos are in bloom. It's very photogenic to take pictures of a temple and 13 storied stone pagoda over the cosmos!◎Parking lot is free during weekdays. On holidays, one car for 1 hour will be free, but more than that, you need 500yen.

4Houki-ji Temple

The Oldest Three-storied Pagoda! A World Heritage & Sunset & Cosmos

Houki-ji Temple is a world heritage and has an oldest three-storied pagoda in Japan. Many camera-lovers get together to take pictures of the pagoda glowing in the setting sun! In autumn, colorful cosmos are in full bloom at fallow fields around the temple, so you can see the pagoda in collaboration with cosmos!

5Todaiji Nigatsu-dou

Beautiful Evening Glow At Todaiji Nigatsu-dou In Ancient Nara

Through Nara Park, the evening glow in the cloister of Todaiji Temple's Nigatsudou is really amazing! With the beautiful lights of lanterns, you can surrender yourselves to the tranquil time, and it makes your hearts pure.◎It's near Kasuga Taisha Shrine and Todaiji Temple. If you have time, please visit here, too.

6Oka-dera Temple

The Lighted Circular Staircase & Japanese Umbrellas

Against the background of three-storied pagoda of Oka-dera Temple, many candles and Japanese umbrellas are lit up beautifully. There're many people getting together to see this illuminations. ◎By bus, 27 min from Kashihara Jingu Station, or 19 min from Asuka Station, to Oka-dera Temple, then 10 min walk. Temple illumination in 2018, only September 22 and 23.

7Kasuga Taisha Shrine

A Lot Of Sacred Lanterns

It's one of the pleasures to look for many lanterns of different designs from each other by eras. At the time 'man toro', they produce more mysterious mood.

8Todai-ji Temple

The Largest Wooden Structure In The World, Daibutsu-den

It represents the prosperity in Nara Era (around the 700s). In the building, a large monumental image of Buddha is installed and many people visit here. It's said that it was larger before burnt down.

9Chogaku-ji Temple

Reflections Of Rabbitear Iris

Chogaku-ji Temple located in Nara Prefecture. This temple is well-known for azalea flowers, but I like the season of rabbitear iris! The scenery of reflected rabbitear iris are very beautiful and mysterious. I took this pictures on 2018, May 10th.