Best Specialty Foods In Ishikawa

Here're best specialty foods in Ishikawa when you travel in Ishikawa. Such as a famous 'Nodoguro-don (rosy seabass on rice)', and 'Hanton Rice' known to the foodies in the know, and also Japanese sweets, we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Ishikawa.

Best Specialty Foods In Ishikawa [1-8]

1USHIOYA Higashi Chayagai

Specialty Of Kanazawa 'Seared Yellowtail' Known To People In The Know

A local specialty, Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) which I had for the first time in Kanazawa, is so delicious that I want to tell my friends! At this restaurant, you can taste both of savory seared surface and sashimi with just enough fat. What's more, additional Rosy Seabass (Nodoguro) makes me satisfied very much.◎Ushioya is an originator of Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) in Kanazawa, Japan. They use rare salt made from the sea water of Noto Peninsula, and sear it by hand. Ushioya has its restaurants at Higashi Chayagai and Omi-cho Market.

2Sushi Reki Reki Omi-cho

Limited to 10 Dishes for a Day. Delicious "Nodoguro-Don"

People in this area call rosy seabass "nodoguro". You should eat the fish if you visit Kanazawa.

3Grill Otsuka

Kanazawa Local's Favorite Food! Very Big Hanton Rice

Ketchup rice, fluffy egg, fried whitefish and shrimp. On all of those, ketchup and tartar sauce are decoratively spread. For it has plenty amount, visit this restaurant after you become hungry. They have smaller size, too.

4The Second Best Freshly Baked Molonpan Ice In The World (Sekai de nibamme ni oisii yakitate melonpan aisu)

Very Popular Street Food In Kanazawa! Freshly Baked Melon-pan Ice Cream

Very nice combination of hot melonpan (melon-shaped bun) & cold ice cream became popular in no time. Now you can eat it all over Japan, but you must eat the original one in Kanazawa main store!

5Yamato Shoyu Miso

Get Beauty♡ Delicious & Healthy Lunch Of Fermented Food

Gorgeous lunch with an ama-zake aperitif, 7-9 kinds in season, unpolished rice, miso soup, dessert uses melted rice, and drink. Only 30 dishes in a day, and you have to make a reservation!


Gained The Favor Of Emperor Showa. The Greatest Roasted Tea 'Kaga-boucha' You can Enjoy At The Old House Café

Aromatic smell and leisurely time fill up the calm café renovated from an old house built 150 years before, and it's an ideal place for a rest during your sightseeing. With roasted tea (houji-cha in Japanese), a Kanazawa's proud Japanese sweet is prepared together. They pick also the plates they use, so you can enjoy the tablewares, too.

7Kagafu Fumuro-ya

Earnestly 150 Years For Kaga Fu. Beautiful Cuisine Of Fu

Kaga fu has been developed in the cultural climate in Kanazawa. A tea room of a long-established restaurant Fumuro-ya, you can enjoy tasting the creative and interesting dishes that its image you have may be exploded admirably.


70 Years For Only Yose-nabe! Top of Yose-nabe With The Secret Soup Handed Down From The Father To Only One Of His Sons

Taro' is a restaurant specializes in Nabe (Japanese meal cooked in a pot at the table), and needs to make a reservation. Between September and June, Yose-nabe for the Locally grown fresh seafood and vegetables with a secret soup is really superb. It must be so delicious you can hardly bear it!