Best Specialty Foods In Kanagawa

Here're best specialty foods in Kanagawa when you travel in Kanagawa. Such as 'Spaghetti Neapolitan' that was born here, and 'Black Onsen Tamago' said to make your life longer, we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Kanagawa.

Best Specialty Foods In Kanagawa [1-7]

1Teuchi Kama-age Udon Kamakura MIYOSHI

Chewy Kama-age Udon Noodle With Japanese Sake Selected By The Owner

Located at Komachi Dori Street, this is a 'udon restaurant offering also sake' and has been introduced in Michelin Guide 2015. Udon is of course delicious, crisp tempura of Kamakura vegetables and shirasu (whitebait) bowl are also the local specialties.◎Access: 5 min walk from East Gate of Kamakura Station. It opens also for lunch and on Sundays. 16 seats are all at the bar, so it's better to visit with 2-3 people than a big group.


Super Yummy! 'Beef Cutlet Curry' Of A Famous Curry Restaurant In Shonan

The head restaurant of 'Sangosho' has so popular 'beef cutlet curry' that people are ready to wait in a line to eat. Because of the fine quality lean beef, it's possible to fry lightly with less coating of batter to keep the vivid color, and then it becomes superb combination with rich curry sauce. It would be interesting for you to have counter seats because you can see the chef preparing the meat elaborately.

3Owakudani Kuro Tamago Kan

Black 'Onsen Tamago' Said To Extend Your Life

For the ingredients of hot spring, this black boiled egg (Onsen Tamago) is said to be able to extent one's life. Though it looks jet-black, the inside is almost the same as ordinally boiled egg… But wait! Its yolk is very thick and not dry.◎500yen for 5 eggs. You can buy it only here at Owakudani.

4Misaki Donuts

Somehow, Misaki Doughnuts Making Me Feel Relieved

Misaki is famous for tuna fishery. In fact, doughnuts are popular secretly. The locals call it Misado with their warm affections and loves it very much. Simple, mild, a little sweet, fluffy and chewy doughnuts. Eating this, you may feel relieved, somehow.


A Famous Restaurant At The Place Of 'Kanazawa Eight Scenery'. Superb 'Japanese Eel' Respected By Many Celebrities

Here is famous as 'Kanazawa Hakkei (Kanazawa's eight scenic places)'. Hirobumi Ito (the first Japanese Prime Minister) had often visited here from his villa, and now, baseball players and celebrities are regular customers. In a box printed ukiyo-e, soft and savory Japanese eel with tasty sauce...saliva fills my mouth at the site!◎Access: 10 minutes walk from Kanazawa-hakkei Station. Open: 11:00-15:00, 16:30-20:30. Close: Wednesdays Parking lot available.

6Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel

Bite Into A Cannon!? Dynamic & Delicious 'Kannonzaki Battery Curry'

Yokosuka is famous for the local curry like 'the navy curry'. Now the new specialty curry comes from Kannonzaki, a site of batteries. Rice battery surrounded rocks and trees of locally grown vegetables. On the top of these, dynamic spareribs compared to a cannon! The curry born in a hotel standing at a battery site is juicy and spicy.


MacArthur Ate! A Historical Taste Of ' Spaghetti Neapolitan' At A Long-established Hotel As Its Birthplace

This hotel thought up ' Spaghetti Neapolitan' for American soldiers after the war. Ham and mushroom for the ingredients, the tomato sauce with deep smell of butter. On the birthplace recipe, the sauce is mixed well with the chewy spaghetti. You can enjoy the historical taste together with the solemn atmosphere of a long-established hotel.