Best Specialty Foods In Tokyo

Here're best specialty foods in Tokyo when you travel in Tokyo. Such as famous Monja-yaki, Edomae Sushi, and various ramen known to the foodies in the know, we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Tokyo.

Best Specialty Foods In Tokyo [1-10]

1Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta

The World 's First One Michelin Star Ramen With Fragrance Of Truffle

Tsuta has won the one Michelin star for the fist time in the world as a ramen restaurant. This is a ramen with surprising foodstuffs such as soup with truffle fragrance, roasted Iberico pork, and wonton of Agu pork. Each foodstuff has shining individuality!◎The taste evolves day by day, and this is the latest best one 1700yen. If you want to confirm the ramen, you need to get a numbered ticket distributed at 7:00 in the morning.


A Specialty 'DENKI BRAN' With Your Tour In Asakusa

In Meiji 15 (1882), a brandy based cocktail was born in KAMIYA BAR in Asakusa. Though its alcoholicity is high, this sweet and easy drinkable cocktail has been loved for a long time, and it's a specialty of Asakusa. Let's go to Asakusa tour after dinking a little bit!◎There're two kinds of DENKI BRAN, an ordinary one has 30% alcohol content (270yen), and old one has 40% (370yen). They have many kinds of relishes.

3Imperial Hotel Tokyo

Reproduced <Marilyn Monroe Breakfast>

Reproduced breakfast that Marilyn Monroe ordered when she stayed Imperial Hotel on their honeymoon. Dipping crisp thin Melba toast in hot milk and then taste the superb rare roasted lamb. All ladies love this breakfast.

4T.Y.Harbor Brewery

Craft Beer Made In Shinagawa! A Waterside Restaurant In Tennozu

From a brewery and restaurant making craft beer in Tennozu Isle, you can enjoy also seeing a beautiful waterside scene. At such a supreme location, let's have your fill of Tokyo local beer crafted in a traditional process.

5Beer Hall Lion Ginza-7-Chome-Store

The Oldest Beer Hall With A Long History And Traditions

82years has passed since it started in Showa 9 (1937). The interiors are handed down without any changes. When you visit Ginza, lets enjoy delicious beers and never changing mood of the long established beer hall.

6Roku Roku

Sophisticated Edomae Sushi, 'Kaede Nigiri'

My mouth feels the flavor of selected foods directly. The sushi is sophisticated for harmonizing with Roppongi downtown. I could eat a ideal sushi.


Traditional Natural Eel Taste Which Has the History of 200 Years

It was grilled very soft without being brown. We can taste the best of the natural eel.

8Rojiura Monja Monkichi Main Store

Well Known Tsukishima Monja Restaurant in a back alley! 'Monkichi Special' With Rich Seafood

At a back alley of the third avenue of Tsukishima Monja Street. Quite a few people eat here at first when they come to Tsukishima. 'Monkichi Special', most popular menu, has many seafood, pork and noodle and it's the right food as monja! The staff's splendid control of spatulas often becomes a topic of SNS.

9Fukagawa-Jyuku Hachiman Store

Tokyo Local Specialty Fukagawa-Meshi Which Fishermen in Edo Love

Used asari clam, koshihikari rice grown in Niigata, miso mixture of Kanto region's and Tohoku's. After trial and error, they succeeded in reproducing the genuine fukagawa-meshi.

10Madam Xenlon Ariake

The First-Class Tantanmen Noodle that Appears in Famous Cartoon 'Oishinbo'

The first-class tantanmen is sticky noodle with refined soup smelling of sesame seeds and nuts. What a great meal, it takes me here again.