Best Specialty Foods In Shizuoka

Here're best specialty foods in Shizuoka when you travel in Shizuoka. Such as 'Shirasu-don (whitebaits on rice)' and 'Shizuoka Oden', we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Shizuoka.

Best Specialty Foods In Shizuoka [1-4]

1Ban'nou Suisan Simizu Store

Assembled 8 Kinds Of Shizuoka's Tuna Such As Fattiest, Medium Fatty & Red Meat

If you want to eat and compare tuna, you must come here! Shimizu Fishing Port has the biggest amount of tuna fishery in Japan, and you can eat it in reasonable price. Its taste makes us say in a big voice 'delicious!'.


Rice Bowl For Two Colors Of Fresh Whitebaits

Suruga Bay has the biggest haul of whitebaits in Japan. You can eat fresh row whitebaits only in the limited area near the fishing port, because it goes bad quickly. The best season is spring and autumn, enjoy the two kinds of textures, row and boiled, at the same time on one bowl.

3Yamadaichi Toro Mochi-no Ie

Even One Second Quicker! Freshly Made Abekawa Mochi At 200 Years Old House

You can eat freshly made Abekawa Mochi at Noro of Niigata Prefecture. This house was used for 200 years old by a farmer in Oku-aizu, and rebuild, I like the atmosphere! How happy eating the freshly made Abekawa Mochi is... Why don't you feel it?◎It's adjoins Toro Ruins Park, so you can walk in the park after eating them!

4Ai-chan Aoba Oden-gai Street

The Hall Of Fame For Shizuoka's Specialty! 'Shizoka Oden' Totally Picked In The Soup Until It Becomes Black

Shizuoka's specialty, kuro-hampen and black stock soup of sinewy beef. 'Tane' food for oden, on skewers, and flavored powder sprinkled on them. This Oden-gai Street with only counter seats, originates in street stalls started after the war. Regular visitors make themselves at home in the retro mood like Showa era.