Best Specialty Foods In Hyogo

Here're best specialty foods in Hyogo when you travel in Hyogo. Such as so famous Akashiyaki, Kobe Beef, and Kuja-yaki known to the foodies in the know, we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Hyogo.

Best Specialty Foods In Hyogo [1-7]


Legendary Specialty Food 'Kuja-yaki'

Cooked to be thick with ingredients in the stock soup of beef sinew, and roasted the surface to be crisp, then eat them mixed together. This is a restaurant 'Kuja-yaki' started. I can't stop my chopsticks and only one piece isn't enough! This is a specialty of Himeji now popular among the travelers from other countries.◎Kuja-yaki (big) 440yen. The most ordered topping is 'beef sinew'. When you hold a camera, the hostess will direct timing with saying 'Take now!'.

2Scenic Restaurant Uzu-no Oka

Utmost Food Of Onion Kingdom. Sweet Awaji-shima Onion 'Shima-no Uma Tama'

Awaji-shima is famous for onion production. Sweet and soft braised Awaji-shima onion. It's good with only oil and salt, but miso sauce with minced Awaji beef will make it more delicious one.

3Shusentei Nadagiku Komizo-no Kappa

A Big Stick Of 'Himeji Oden' With Secret Stock Inherited For 50 Years

A long-established izakaya that directed by a famous sake maker, Nadagiku. Seasoned by stock soup that has inherited for more than 50 years, a big Himeji Oden is excellent with gingered soy sauce. This is the local specialty of Himeji you must eat.◎Kuro Oden ¥540, and because of the sake maker, Shiro Oden ¥540 used many sake leeks.


Supreme Full-course At The Best Place For Crabs! Fresh & Rich Matsuba Crab Cuisine

To eat crabs at Kasumi famous as the center of production, inn 'Ueshou' is better. They have the original way of stocking and cooking and that makes the cuisine strikingly delicious and popular. For sashimi, boiled, grilled and surprisingly rich crab butter. All of them are first rate full-course of crabs.


Must Eat Once, The Original Buta Manju Born And Loved In Kobe

It was born in 1915 in Kobe as the first buta-man, pork wrapped in steamed dough, and has been loved since then. Well-seasoned ingredients wrapped in chewy dough so you can eat without sauce. The surprising and strong taste you can't find anywhere else is the reason of its popularity.


With Beer! Akashi's Specialty, Hot & Crisp & Runny 'Tamago-yaki'

A popular shop for 'Tamago-yaki'. Their 'Tamago-yaki' has crispy surface and runny inside. And you can eat freshly made hot 'Tamago-yaki' for they start to cook after you order. Dunking them in the stock soup of dried bonito and tangle, enjoy the local food together with beer!

7Kobe Beef Steak Ishida. Kitanozaka

The Supreme Kobe Beef that You Can Eat at Very Reasonable Price

I was satisfied with the taste and the price. Because the restaurant is managed by wholesale merchant and contracts 3 selected farms in Hyogo, they can serve the Kobe beef at reasonable price. If you eat the same at other restaurants, you have to pay more.