Best Specialty Foods In Osaka

Here're best specialty foods in Osaka when you travel in Osaka. Such as so famous Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu, and Naniwa Black Beef known to the foodies in the know, we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Osaka.

Best Specialty Foods In Osaka [1-8]

1Kitashinchi Kushi-katsu BON '凡'

The Most Eminent Kushi-katsu In Osaka

One Michelin-starred and popular Kushi-katsu restaurant 'Bon' in Kitashinchi. They use rich foodstuffs like truffle and sea urchin egg, and wrap the ingredients gently with fluffy coating. People say this restaurant is the most eminent in Osaka, an authentic town of kushi-katsu!◎They offer best ones until guests say stop. I think the food would be 12000 yen & drinks, but it changes.


The Matsuzaka Beef Sukiyaki with Secret Miso Sauce Inherited from 1914, the Tisho Period

If you eat Sukiyaki in Osaka, you have to visit here. It has a good aftertaste of miso and Matsuzaka beef with egg is delicious.

3Trattoria Al Pompiere

The Best Tiramisu Receiving Acclaim of the Critics in the World

The restaurant 'Trattoria Al Pompiere' is proud of the tiramisu that wins 'Worlds Best Tiramisu'. The dessert made from selected ingredients pursues the simplicity but delicious.


Osaka Style 'Gourmet Nigiri', Sushi Of Royal Road And Something New

They prepare the royal roads like a tuna and a prawn, and also exceptions like foie gras and cheese, which is popular in Osaka. Edomae style is the base, but they try various seasonings not only say sauce and make them surprising and delicious.


Assorted Sashimi ' Naniwa' A Dignified Display And Various Deliciousness

You can enjoy the sashimi displayed beautifully with various seasonings such as soy sauce, sea water, a yolk and miso. A Michelin starred restaurant Koryu's sashimi dish is the best one in Osaka.

6KOUGARYU Main Store

The Originator Of Sauce & Mayonnaise Takoyaki With Much Of Grated Yam

Everyone knows this shop for Takoyaki, a local specialty of Osaka, and people make a line to eat it. The fluffy dough with grated yam and crispy surface are excellent, and it's an originator of Sauce-mayo Takoyaki.◎450yen for ten Sauce-mayo Takoyaki

7Rousu Tei

Yakiniku Restaurant For Naniwa Black Beef, A Quality Local Meat Of Osaka

Osaka's only pure black beef 'Naniwa Kuroushi' has strong taste but also has light aftertaste. You can eat the Osaka local beef that has high scarcity value at this restaurant.◎Assorted Red Meat 1600yen. You can grill them on clay stove with charcoal.

8Okonomiyaki Mizuno

100% Yam Okonomi Yaki Made By the Most Famous Restaurant in Osaka

The most popular menu of the crowded restaurant. They don't use any wheat flour but only ground yam. Yam and a scallop matches by the mastered mayonnaise and sauce so much, then the masterpiece you can find.